150 things list for 150th Canada day

Ultimate 150 things list to celebrate 150th Canada Day

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Here is our 3rd post about 150 things list to do to celebrate 150th Canada Day.


First of all, we would love to remind you that this is our 3rd post about 150 things/activities you can do to celebrate 150th Canada day. We will give you an opportunity to read about the other 100 things that we posted earlier.



150 things list for you to celebrate 150th Canada day

Day trip to Spray Lakes




Let us start here by giving you 50 more ideas.


Ultimate 150 things list to celebrate 150th Canada Day


  1. Get a Free Discover Pass
  2. Get a speeding ticket from RCMP – please do this at your own risk. We just recommend this for fun.
  3. Visit hot springs such as Banff Hot Springs.
  4. Enjoy a Maple dip donut.
  5. Photo-Op – a Scotia Bank offered month-long photography contest festival in Toronto during May.
  6. Fiery Fest – festival in Langley, BC
  7. Run for the gold medal in sports that you love.
  8. Visit a national park on Canada Day.
  9. Donate blood.
  10. Watch Murdoch Mysteries
  11. Try and connect with you know or your friends and family know, across all the provinces.
  12. Buy a T-shirt or Jacket written with word “Canadian” or “Canada”.
  13.  Go for a day tour of a Canadian Brewery.
  14.  Visit wine Capital of Canada. See the photo at the end of the page.
  15.  See an elk.
  16.  Visit a Canadian city associated with Canadian history.
  17. Eat french fries from McCain foods.
  18.  Bike from Canmore to Banff and back.
  19.  Drink a Canadian Beer.
  20.  Summit a mountain.
  21.  Drive 150 KM from home on highway 1 (Trans-Canada highway).
  22.  Visit Churchill to watch polar bears.
  23.  Go to the USA without a visa from Canada.
  24.  Learn about Terry Fox and take part in Terry Fox run.
  25.  Celebrate Victoria Day.


Read here




150 things list

Spray lakes is a welcoming place




  1.  Enjoy horseback riding in a national park.
  2.  Visit Spray Lakes, Alberta.
  3.  Enjoy a visit to Mount Norquay.
  4.  Try to meet wildlife on a road.
  5.  Eat ketchup chips.
  6.  Campfire
  7.  Go to the hoodoos.
  8.  Enjoy Dinosaurs in Drumheller, AB.
  9.  Play Don Cherry drinking game.
  10.  Ryan Reynolds and/or Ryan Gosling marathon.
  11.  Watch Grey Cup.
  12.  CN tower visit.
  13.  Enjoy Rick Mercer Live.
  14.  Read a book written by a Canadian writer.
  15.  Be a snow angel – shovel your neighbor’s snow.
  16.  Visit Icefields Parkway.
  17.  Chez Trudeau – on June 3rd in Ottawa.
  18.  Aboriginal day celebration – June 21st, all over Canada.
  19.  Visit a Canadian history museum.
  20.  Pride parade – July 2nd in Toronto.
  21.  Gold Rush – July 21 to 30, in Edmonton.
  22.  Elvis Fever – July 28 – 30.
  23.  Oktoberfest – in Calgary in October.
  24.  Annual Ballet – The Nutcracker in Dec.
  25.  Be the 1st in Canada to raise the flag on 1st July in Newfoundland. In Cape Spear Newfoundland, the sun rises first in North America.


We hope this list will help you to find things you can do to celebrate 150th Canada day. This 150 things list is just a guide and you can add more and more things.






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  2. I do hope I make it up to Canada someday soon. I will definitely keep this list in mind when I make it up there, although it might not be Canada Day then, but it’s still a great list.

  3. This looks amazing and such a good list. I’d love to visit Canada one day as that is where my parents met.

  4. Great recommendations! I live in Canada and probably have not done a third of these things! Also Spray Lakes looks lovely, will definitely need to visit! Thank you!

  5. I have family in Canada and I really want to visit soon. With this list I am sure I wont miss anything important!

  6. I’d want to do all of these. I love your photos–I hope to make it to Canada someday. Those ketchup chips sound tasty!

  7. Great job you did to have compiled the list. With this list, it will will easy to make a choice. Canada is a beautiful place to be.

  8. Wow Canada looks absolutely beautiful! & what a lost good luck to anybody making their way through you offer some good suggestions. Envious of anybody living in such a beautiful place

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