You can celebrate Canada Day in Lake Louise too

150 things you can do to celebrate 150th Canada day

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150 things you can do to celebrate 150th Canada day




First of all, this is our next post in 150 posts series about 150th Canada day.


For us Canadians, this is a special year. Next big event will happen in another 50 years. By that time, this world will not be the same for sure. Those of us who are able to celebrate should celebrate this Canadian milestone.


Whether you are a Canadian living in Canada or abroad, whether you are a non-Canadian, you can still celebrate this Canadian event anywhere in the world. Below is the list of things/activities, one can do to enjoy 150th Canada day.



Part 1 of 3




  1. Check to see what your city has planned?


  1. Visit Banff National Park (AB).






Let's enjoy Canada day in Banff

Banff National Park, another beautiful gem Canada has to offer




  1. Enjoy a dinner on the eve and see fireworks on the 1st July night.


  1. Watch a movie about Canadian history on YouTube.


  1. Go to a war memorial and pay your tributes to fallen soldiers.


  1. Picnic somewhere


  1. host an Independence day party at home.


  1. Join an activity, that your work offers


  1. Buy a shirt or a jacket named after a former PM.


  1. Wear a toque


  1. Listen to a hockey game.


  1. Visit a local landmark.


  1. Volunteer


  1. Donate to a charity.


  1. Drink Canadian Vodka


  1. Enjoy food with poutine


  1. Bare it all


  1. Bike


  1. Learn O Canada


  1. Drive on Trans Canada highway


  1. Visit a national park near you




You have to be in Canada to celebrate Canada day

This is how Lake Louise is in summer.







What to expect (25 awesome photos) ) when you visit BC?

how to celebrate 150th Canada Day (British Columbia)




  1. Eat Salmon


  1. Do something nice (we Canadians are known for this)


  1. Wrap yourself in a  Hudson Bay Blanket.


  1. Play hockey in an outdoor rink.


  1. Go Sugaring off


  1. Watch Canadian Bacon (the movie)


  1. Take on a Northern Food tour


  1. Play on some Canadian music.


  1. Learn and celebrate Major Hockey milestones.


  1. Enjoy a Nanaimo Bar


  1. Visit the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax.


  1. Swim in a Great Lake ON.


  1. Try Ice Fishing (ON)


  1. Go for a movie.


  1. Go for whale watching (a lot of coastal areas across Canada)


  1. Bike bike baby


  1. Swim at Sandbanks


Considered one of the best beaches in the country, Ontario’s Sandbanks has been called the Hamptons of Canada. Soft sand, shallow waters and a gentle drop-off make it the ideal spot for taking a dip.


  1. Get into a winter hot tub


  1. Get on in a Canoe.


  1.  Get yourself a white cowboy hat.


  1. Drink a craft beer.


  1. Say “EH”.


  1. See a cirque du Soleil show.


  1. Ride the Lake Louise Gondola.





Visit Canada today, if you like beauty

Such natural beauty can only be found in Canada




  1. Visit the Arctic (in Ottawa).


  1. Go camping.


  1. Drink some liquid gold


Maple syrup is worth 25 times as much as oil and Canada stockpiles five years’ worth in case of threats to national security.


  1. Drink crush cream soda.


  1. Eat smoked meat.


Arguably, the best in the land is at Schwartz’s deli on the Montreal Main.




In conclusion


We would like to make Canada day activities more interesting here. We will only share 50 things with you can do. For next 100, stay tuned.





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