These amazing safety tips will make your trip fun.

5 amazing safety tips for worry & stress free trip

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Amazing Safety Tips:



Have you ever taken a trip which you could not fully enjoy. For some unknown reason, you can’t figure out what’s wrong? You keep thinking, you keep scratching your head, but nothing comes to your mind. Slowly worries are overtaking your mind and giving you stress. You are constantly thinking about something that is not right. But what? You don’t know. However after the trip is over you return back home and everything seems OK. Few days later you realize that there was no reason for you to stress.



I don’t think you are alone if you have felt this way while on your trip. But what can you do to end this feeling? Let me try to share a few amazing safety tips for you to enjoy your trip without any worry or stress.



Passport, Visa and Reservation documents:



I was at the Indian visa center in Calgary few days ago to apply for Indian visa. While waiting for my turn, a guy came in talking to someone on the phone. In the state of panic, he wanted someone to serve him before anyone else. The staff member asked why is he in panic mode? The gentleman said, his passport had some damage and the airlines refused boarding because of the the damaged passport. Unfortunately, the nearest Indian High Commission is in Vancouver. The staff asked him to go to Vancouver and get a replacement passport. This passenger was not aware of the damage to his passport. I can’t stress enough how important Passport and Visa is? Before, during and after the trip this is the utmost important thing.




What to do



It is my habit to check my passport, VISA and reservation documents (if any) a month ago, if not more. This way I can check and make sure there is no damage to my passport, it is not expired and visa is up to date? These are the steps you need before the trip. But keep in mind while you are vacationing, you need to make sure your documents are in a safe place. While I am in an unknown country and if something happened to my passport is a thought that gives me goosebumps.



You are responsible for your own document’s safety and security. I have seen some hotels offer a safe in guest rooms. Definitely make use of the safe. At the same time keep a photocopy of your documents with you. In addition to that you should have your countries nearest embassy and High Commission’s contact information handy. Have you registered yourself with your countries database of citizens traveling abroad.




Health is Wealth:



Remember my page about healthy lifestyle? Health before, during and after your trip is a valuable commodity. You can handle before and after part, however getting sick during vacation is a big no. Couple of weeks before our trip, we start to eat healthy, sleep well and try not to get sick before our trip. This habit is not always successful but what is the harm in trying? Before the trip, it is different scenario, however during the trip, your health issues can create a problem not only for you but for others also in your group. Do you know anything about Yellow Fever, Chickungunya, Cholera, bedbugs and other common diseases? Do you read about these alerts through your country’s health department?


Just think about repercussions any disease can cause during and after your vacation. Some of theses disease start to show their symptoms after a few days. By then hopefully you are back home, but if not God bless you and your group. Think about how much money & resources you need if you get sick during you trip?



What options are available



Before your trip, you should check your countries travel advisory site. You can get up to date information on diseases and travel advisories of your destination country. In addition you will get information on the diseases medication, their precautions and other important information. If you feel concerned about these diseases, you can take precautionary measures including shots and carry medications to save yourself from any problems.


A beneficial tip: If you are traveling to a country where mosquitoes are a problem, make sure to carry a bug repellent. What you do is first you spray your clothes and let the clothes dry. Then you spray on your body. This double protection will effectively save you from any mosquito related problems.




Worries about your home




It is human nature to worry about things that are not near you. When you are vacation, human nature forces us to worry about our home and belongings. After all whatever is at home, we have worked very hard to own it. Why would we not be worried about our stuff. Are you worried that someone will steal your belongings? Do you stress about physical or natural damage to your home and contents while being away? A co-worker of mine was in Mexico and it hailed and poured a lot of snow in Calgary. While they were having good time away from home, snow caused extensive damage to their roof that it collapsed. Who would have thought a major problem will welcome them upon their return? Read below to find out what happened?




Easiest way to not stress about your home



Do you use a security alarm at your home? If yes, do you have both fire and burglary alarm? Is it monitored 24/7? My co-worker had burglary alarm only however while traveling he upgraded his plan to cover fire insurance. When the roof collapsed, the burglary alarm went off. Obviously he reported to the alarm company, that he was going for a vacation out of the country.


So they called the 2nd emergency contact, who came to their home to find the damage. While my co-worker was enjoying vacation, nobody informed him and their friend took care of the damage and covered whatever they could and left rest for them. When the family returned they dealt with the insurance claim and other important stuff. They saved themselves from a lot of financial damage because of the fire alarm. Without fire insurance inside of the house is not monitored.


Their plan of informing insurance company was commendable and I would strongly recommend everyone to do this. Inform and upgrade your home security plan for the number of days of planned absence from home. Let them know who the 2nd, 3rd or 4th emergency contact you have. This small trick can take a lot of stress away from you while vacationing. Good thing is it doesn’t cost a lot however the results are tremendous.





Does someone know where you are?



This is another very important thing. When we go to mountains, we make sure to inform our friends and family where we are going? They know what time we should return? If you are going to a different country, a lot of Governments offer you to register your whereabouts. This way if something happens at that country they know exactly what your plans were? For importance of registering read here. The registration will always look different for every country however the reasons behind it will be the same.




I am sure wherever you live, you hear news of people getting lost in mountains while hiking, skiing and enjoying other activities. If you told someone where you are and if you didn’t return, they can do a lot more than not knowing anything. Our one of the most important advice to you is to register and leave your detailed itinerary along with other necessary information such as your hotel telephone number, your cruise host and other contact information. It is better to leave some or a lot of information than no information.



Since you are dealing with your family, friends and Government, this service is almost always free. Unless your friends or family wants a reward in the form of a local souvenir.





Do you carry a lot of valuables?



Valuables will have different meaning for different people. The valuables we are referring to here are, cash, credit cards & jewelry (if any) etc. Valuables are valuables and they need care like valuables. For example, when a friend of mine goes for these vacation trips, he likes to carry a lot of cash (however not more than the country he is visiting allows). When he reaches hotel, he always has the dilemma of how to keep his cash and credit cards safe and secure.




Suggested game plan 



Unless your hotel or resort offers you facilities (lockers for your stuff) like Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, you are fine. If not, then you need to think out of the box to keep valuables safe and secure. How you deal with your cash is your problem, however my recommendation is research the place you will stay at. Call or email them and without disclosing any trip related information, ask them what does their property offer in terms of safety and security of the valuables? Last thing you want is run out of cash while you are vacationing.


Keep your luggage locked when you are not near it all the times. Before leaving the room, stuff valuables at bottom of the luggage (if you don’t have any other place to store your valuables). Before you leave the room, store the luggage in a corner and place a few piece of your clothes on the luggage and make sure to remember how you placed the clothes. When you return you will know if someone touched your stuff?



In conclusion



These are a few amazing safety tips. I am sure you have some of your own. Some may or may not work for you. If you feel like sharing your own tried and tested amazing safety tips, please share them with us and other readers. r3h5m6t5




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  1. Great tips for anyone traveling! Its so important to have peace of mind about your health and safety and especially valuables both on you and left at home. I always try to have a friend check in on my place if I’m traveling for a long time.

  2. I never would have thought to notify my insurance company that I would not be at home. I do contact my utilities sometimes because they allow for a month off each year since I live in a snowbird community. Nice and comprehensive list. You can never be too organized or prepared.

  3. The point of the carrying a lot of valuables is a really good point for me, since I hardly stress about other things having a zen mind like me. It’s not a good thing at all and I Always seem to lose at least one valuable thing. but after reading your blog, I think that I need grow some stress so that I will consider to think about these things. I will totally bookmark this!

  4. Having lost our passports in Europe – I can relate to a lot of your tips 🙂 Visas, document copies, insurance – these things are the most important! Also can relate to the home safety tips – never knew one can add 2nd, 3rd, 4th contacts. This post is so rich in information – thanks for sharing!


  5. That is one of the best written articles on the subject I have read. Shall I add that I always take some medication with me as well. Simple things like paracetamol so that I don’t search of a pharmacy when i need it.

  6. Visas are not to play with and it always sure to cause some stress when traveling. A few months ago when we traveled from Stockholm to Johannesburg we got quite scared. The lady at the check-in counter started to ask about the visa for South Africa and she was really sure that one was needed. It took some minutes to convince her to check one more time to confirm that we could travel without one. That got the heartbeat to rise for sure.

  7. Valuable tips, things we overlook like checking your passport for damage, health and registering on your where about, thanks!

  8. I am currently based in Calgary too! What a small world! Thank you for sharing those safety tips. I never worry about home while I’m on a trip, but there was one time that our car stopped working after being away for almost a month. Now, I am always worried about our car not being able to start up when we come home.

  9. Post
  10. I am European and currently travel within Europe so it’s a heck of a lot easier for me with no visas or vaccines. I do tell at least a family member our itinerary and contact info. And I make sure my insurance is valid when I travel.

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