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These 5 El Paso Attractions Will Make You Want To Go There

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El Paso attractions


El Paso is a beautiful and awesome city in Texas. It welcomes visitors from all over the world for business & leisure purposes.


El Paso is a Spanish word meaning “the pass”. El Paso stands on the Rio Grande River across the Mexico-United States border from Cuidad Juarez. Which is the largest city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.


The 2 cities along with Las Cruces in neighboring New Mexico, form an international metropolitan area referred to as the Paso Del Norte or El Paso – Juarez – Las Cruces.


Ways to reach El Paso


One of other El Paso attractions

El Paso skyline


There are a few ways to reach El Paso, including the El Paso International Airport and Amtrak via the historic Union Depot. In addition, Interstate 10 is the main highway that connects El Paso with other major U.S. cities.

Find Quality El Paso Hotels


This seems like an easy thing to do, but that’s not always the case. There are many hotel horror stories, and I’ve even had one myself. To start simply write your destination name and search for the best hotels options in El Paso. Hopefully, you will find one that suits your budget and style.

Local Attractions


Chihuahuan Desert Gardens

These gardens are next to the centennial museum, so you can take one trip to see two attractions. The attraction hosts 600 native plant species. If you visit by end of April, you can attend FloraFest. During this event, native plants and some hard-to-find plants are available for purchase.


For anyone interested in horticulture, this is a must-see attraction.


El Paso Zoo



The Zoo is one of a popular El Paso attractions

El Paso Zoo



Every big city in the world has a zoo, but don’t expect similar attractions in any two cities. Do you remember, Calgary Zoo? I assure you that the El Paso zoo is totally one of a kind.


You can plan your visit to the zoo or even a birthday party at the zoo using the interactive zoo map. One unique thing about this attraction is that you can enjoy watching the animals online via the live cams.

Trans Mountain Road


Trans Mountain Road is a scenic route that offers a wonderful experience through El Paso. The road cuts through the Fort Bliss Military Reservation and Franklin Mountains State Park. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of North Franklin Mountain just north of El Paso.

Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino

If you like Casino, then you must visit Sunland Park, which is located just over the state line in New Mexico. There are over 700 slot machines and plenty of other things to do. Before you visit, check the racetrack schedule so you can plan your day.


Other Local Attractions

A few other popular attractions include seeing the El Paso skyline at night, visiting Franklin Mountain State Park, and attending El Paso WinterFest. Other local attractions include:

  • Wyler Aerial Tramway
  • Centennial Museum
  • Museum of Archeology at Wilderness Park
  • Second Floor Gallery
  • UTEP Theatre
  • Chamizal National Memorial
  • The Valley of the Rio Grande

If you’re living in El Paso or planning a visit soon, check out these fantastic attractions. Thank you Visit El Paso for the photos.


You can see all El Paso atrractions here in the skyline

El Paso skyline at night



Another popular El Paso attractions

Franklin Mountain State Park El Paso



One of a popular winter El Paso attractions

El Paso winter fest








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  7. Those skyline shots are amazing too! The Chihuahuan Desert Gardens sound interesting and would love to see how they look. I remember going to El Paso as a child and enjoying the food. That would be what I would add to this list.

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