Canada video

A Breathtaking video of 150 photos of beautiful Canada

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Canada Video

First of all, this is our next post in 150 post series of 150th Canada day celebrations. After many different posts, we decided to share the beauty of Canada in a Canada Video, just made for your eyes.


A lot of tourists flock to Canada each year to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful country. A lot of people think, we still live in igloos and use snow dogs for shopping. That’s a funny statement. I agree we are little expensive compared to some other countries, but the quality of life is far better that a lot of other developed countries including the USA.


When we moved to Canada in 2004 (from California), I still remember that for 1st 10 days, we didn’t see even a single cop car and we were amused. While in California, we used to see a cop almost every 5 to 10 minutes. I still remember kids were surprised that there were no cop cars in Canada. This made us very happy because for us we were in the land of peace.


Although a lot of people asked why from +50 to -50 temperatures. But this country has taken very good care of all the immigrants. One of the specializations of Canada it, its multiculturalism. How Canada welcomes people from all over the world, is unbelievable.


I will stop here as I want you to see the beauty of Canada in a short video of 150 photos. However, for now, I can offer a resource below and links to our posts about 150th Canada day.





Celebrate Canada’s 150th with free admission to national parks


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Links to our posts about 150th Canada Day





In conclusion


We would only like to say that enjoy this Canada video about the beauty of Canada.









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