Jasper National Park, Alberta

Did you know how awesome Alberta is?

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Beauty of Alberta


In the series of  150 photo’s video of Canada, here we present to you one of the best Provinces of Canada. This is the Province where I’ve lived for last 11 years. Province of Alberta is really beautiful and that is what we want you to know and see for yourself.



Alberta is one of the western provinces of Canada. Little over 4 Million people call it home and live very happily and peacefully here. Like we said, we have lived here for 12 years. For 1 year we lived in Edmonton and for 11 years and counting, we have lived in Calgary.


The Provinces surround Alberta are British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Montana. You all know how beautiful Canada is, and Alberta is no less. In fact, Alberta has the Rocky Mountains and you may recall a lot of posts by us about Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper etc.


Things to do in Alberta


Alberta has been a tourist destination from the early days of 20th century, with attractions including outdoor locales for skiing, hiking, camping, shopping locales such as West Edmonton Mall, Calgary Stampede, outdoor festivals, professional athletic events, international sporting events such the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games, as well as more electric attractions. There are also natural attractions like Elk Island National Park, Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Wood Buffalo National Park and the Columbia Icefields.


In my opinion, Alberta should be on everyone’s bucket list. Like I said earlier, we have rivers, parks, mountains, glaciers, winter sports, hoodoos, canyons, museums, zoo, towers and other exciting places/activities for all age groups and any time of the year.


A visit to Canada is incomplete without a visit to Alberta and to Banff and area. So, next time when you are planning to visit us, make sure to keep Alberta on your bucket list.





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In Conclusion


Don’t miss to visit Alberta is the mantra for visiting Canada. I don’t say this because I live here. I say this because I know this is the best province for tourism purposes in Canada. So enjoy the Alberta video and let us know what do you think?























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  1. I like the format of using a video! Pictures speak a thousand words and a video even more so 🙂

  2. Great job in compiling all those pictures and taking em, really hope to visit such nice places someday, I know I will and I’ll keep Alberta in mind… I’d love to see this awesome places and really really experience them… Thanks

  3. This seems like an awesome trip to take. You also did a wonderful job with the various photos and video.

  4. I have never been to ALberta but I have read so many things about it and seen so many photos. I hope that I can visit it one day.

  5. You’ve got me convinced that I need to see Alberta for myself. I think I’ve passed through Canada once on my way to France , but I have real expectations for the country. I might have to add this to the bucket list.

  6. It does look gorgeous! I’ve never been to Canada before but I hope I can make it one day. I always hear the best things about Canada.

  7. Canada is indeed filled with beautiful natural wonders. I think it’s quite underrated. I love the photo of you between that canyon. Very lovely.

  8. We’re planning a big Canada trip after I finish grad school next year. Banff is on the travel list, but I should make sure to spend some time in Alberta as well!

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  11. I lived in Watertown, NY which was just 30 minutes away from the Canada. I’ve never been to Canada though, I probably should have visited when I lived so close to the border. 🙂 Alberta looks like a fabulous place to visit!!! 🙂

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