Let's go to Banff National Park

Here is Banff National Park in breathtaking 2 minute video

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Here is Banff National Park in breathtaking 2-minute video


Who doesn’t know Banff National Park, located a couple of hours from our home in Calgary? However, the place is not the topic of our article of the day.


What we have decided is to bring you cities of the world in videos. But before that let us share you some background. From now on, we are starting this video series on world cities. However, we will start from Canadian cities, icons and National Parks in recognition of 150th Canada Day celebrations. Are you wondering why Banff? Why not my home city of Calgary, which I call home?


The reason is when the city, icon or place of significant importance is huge, we will have more than 1 videos. And since this is one of our favorite places, we thought to start from our favorite National Park located in Alberta, Canada.





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Banff Activities


A lot of people think Banff is a summer destination. The fact is, this is a year-round destination. Every age group will find something to do here. Whether it is biking, hiking, Heli Tours, boating, climbing, skiing, horse shoeing, horseback riding and other activities. There are resorts and some of the world famous hotels too.


Banff is one of the best places (in our opinion) to enjoy Northern Lights. As you can see in photos and our old posts, this is the place to be. A lot of people talk about tourist destination around the world, however, this is one of the spots one should visit in their lifetime.


One thing, we believe in is, you can spend your whole life here, you still can’t explore the Rockies. But again, to see how cool this place is you have to visit. Or alternately, you can watch the video below.


In conclusion


We love Banff, hopefully, after watching this video, you would love too. In case if you want to see a particular city, let us know. We hope you enjoyed the Banff video.















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