Enjoy this best and latest photo of Taj Mahal

Here is best & latest photo of the week from Taj

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Photo of the week from Taj


While there is an aftermath of US elections, we thought to share with you a recent photo of Tajmahal, India. We visited this historical monument last week. This is our family photo while our visit to India. I will share my experience about this trip in another post. However, we could not wait to share these photos with you.




We visited Taj with Neelu's sister Seema

TravelFolio editors with family



Taj Mahal is a monument of love and affection. It has been a major tourist destination in India for ages. A favorite tourist spot for foreigners and Indians alike. Your trip to Delhi is incomplete without a visit to the history-rich city of Agra.


With the fast and easy Yamuna Expressway, getting to Taj is easier than before. One long day is enough to visit Agra. Other big things about Agra are Petha (Indian Sweets) and Dal Month (Indian Salty Snack). Stay tuned for a detailed post about our visit to Agra.




Day trip to Agra from New Delhi after Diwali celebrations

This photo was clicked by Canon SL1



While you wait for our stories of the trip to India, enjoy this best & latest photo of the week from Taj, courtesy of www.TravelFolio.net.



Best and latest photo of Taj courtesy of TravelFolio.net

The greatest monument of love






Are you ready for Taj fun?

The three musketeers at the Taj





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  2. The Taj Mahal has been on my list ever since I learned about it as a kid in school… I personally love indian sweets (my friends used to bring them to school and share it) but I never knew the names of the sweets! Since you’ve mentioned Petha, I’m going to go out and try it. Good tip!

    I’ve heard rumours that they are thinking of closing the Taj Mahal to the public in the next couple of years.. Any ideas if this true?

  3. The Taj is something I’ve missed on my trips to Delhi. I’ve always gone northwards and haven’t tried to visit Agra. Hoping 2017 gives me the break to go see it in real life. Pictures sure don’t give justice to it anywhere.

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  9. Thansk for sharing your photos – I would love to travel to India to see the Taj Mahal … it seems like one of those attractions which have to be witnessed in person to truly appreciate it’s full splendor 🙂

  10. I’ve wanted to visit the Taj for years now! This post definitely makes me want to hop on the next flight out as my husband and I have not yet visited India before. Thanks for the tip on how to arrive there as well!

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