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how to celebrate 150th Canada Day (British Columbia)

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How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (British Columbia)


This is British Columbia series next installment, in recognition of 150th Canada Day. Here we present to you our 4th of 6 posts. Let’s see what British Columbia has to offer?


First of all, this is our 20th of 150 posts about Canada. This is another article that contains photos of Beautiful British Columbia for you. Since British Columbia is our favorite province, we wanted to share what to expect if you visited British Columbia today?



Therefore, please enjoy this post.



Awesome British Columbia



Fraser River in British Columbia

Alexandra Bridge over the Fraser River


Another view of the river

Alexandra Bridge on the Fraser River, view from the mountains




Persephone Brewing Company

A woman walks through the hops farm at Persephone Brewing Company



Lillooet British Columbia

Big Bar Ferry West Pavillion Road north of Lillooet



Mountain view

Drive through the mountains of British Columbia



Mountain views enjoyment

Mountain Bikers enjoying the views



Another offering of British Columbia

Orca at Vancouver Island



Another British Columbia activity

Do you like whale watching?



Farwell Canyon near Riske Creek

Farwell Canyon’ road


Vancouver Island

Did I ever mention Sea Lions are also found on Vancouver Island



Pavilion Lake

Road to beauty and beautiful BC



Totem Poles

Remember our article about Totem Poles

Our Totem Poles articles:



Fraser River's awesome view

Train traveling near Fraser River




Treehouse near Trans Canada Highway



Somewhere near Vancouver Island

Food time for the eagle



Vancouver Island

Wolf on Vancouver Island



Lighthouse at Ogden Point Breakwater

Lighthouse at the end of British Columbia



I am found at Vancouver Island




Eagle on Vancouver Island





This eagle is different from the one in the previous photo




Eagle view of British Columbia



Cypress Mountain

Downhill Skies and snowboarders on Cypress Mountain



Cathedral Mountain in the background

Cathedral Mountain Lodge, we have been to this place many times.



Driving on Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway




BC Parks Celebrates Canada’s 150th with free admission to national parks


2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation and we invite you to celebrate with Parks Canada! Take advantage of free admission to national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas for the entire year. Get curious about Canada’s unique natural treasures, hear stories about Indigenous cultures, learn to camp and paddle and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canada’s national historic sites with us. Find adventure, fun for the family or a short break from the every day in more than 200 special places across the country. You can get your discovery pass here for free



In conclusion:


This is our 4th of 6 posts about British Columbia in 150 photos, in recognition of 150th Canada Day. Until next post, stay tuned.











































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  1. I love this part of Canada, it is so beautiful. I’ve only explored a bit but plan on doing a lot more. I now in the Pacific Northwest of the US, so its a lot more accessible to BC.

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  3. Wow such beautiful pictures. I would love to visit those places one day. I have not been to Canada but it’s one of my to go place one day. Great post.

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