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What’s most important thing you like about Calgary Stampede

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Calgary Stampede


Calgary Stampede is a huge celebration for us Calgarians. Today (by the time this post goes live) is the last day of the celebrations, and we are already waiting for the 2018 Stampede to start.


Did you know Calgary Stampede creates over 3500 local jobs during its 10+ days? Besides the job the event also boosts the local economy. ¬†And don’t forget tourism boost too. We forgot to mention 2300 volunteers help make this event a success.


The most important thing we like is the ability to enjoy the 10 + 1 days (preview day) by going out again and again. After the visits we love to share our trip details with the readers is the best part.


The 2018 Stampede will run from 6 – 15 July 2018.






Calgary Stampede food options

Which flavor would you like to try?




Calgary Stampede is one of the events that not only us Calgarians, but everyone that visits love. Because of the endless and ultimate fun, it is termed as the greatest outdoor show on earth. And I fully agree with this statement because I have seen so many events in USA and Canada that are similar but small level compared to Calgary Stampede.


Either you will find rides or games or circus or shows etc. But Calgary Stampede will offer you kids activities, Canadian Heritage, shopping, Canadian Forces, a really successful and attractive parade, a day for previews, special days such as family day, kids day etc. In addition to these, you get to see Indian village with a lot of information including dances etc. You also get Coke Stage, chuck wagon, fireworks, horse shows, Bollywood shows and the list goes on and on.



Calgary Stampede special pricing.

This is a special price only for Calgary Stampede



150th Canada Day


There are some special activities due to 2017 being 150th Canada Day. One of the events that we couldn’t cover is the visit of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to Calgary Stampede on 15 July. The route of the parade was changed for the very first time.


The fire works are also special this year. Even the Calgary Tower is showing Red color to represent 150th Canada Day.





Calgary Stampede lottery

Win me

Calgary Stampede luck lottery

Who wouldn’t want to win this?

Luck box at Calgary Stampede

This is where you will try your luck

In conclusion


We can continue writing about Calgary Stampede, however, we want you to enjoy this short video of our photos. We will have a couple of more posts about Calgary Stampede in next coming days. So stay tuned and enjoy the Calgary Stampede video.














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