One of the best places in Agra Fort.

How to enjoy day trip to Agra from New Delhi

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How to enjoy day trip to Agra from New Delhi



When was the last time you visited New Delhi and/or Agra? Were you there for a long time or was it a day trip like our from New Delhi? I hope you’ve read about Agra Fort? And seen photos of the Taj Mahal?


Here in this post, I will only share photos of our trip. Photos will mostly cover Agra Fort and Taj Mahal along with general but useful and valuable information. In case if you are planning to visit Agra, let us know and we can share a lot of valuable information with you.




On this street I've spent half of my life. Delhi, we miss you.

I grew up on this street.






Outside our home in Delhi, before our day trip to Agra.

Ever heard about sandwich generation? Delhi’s best 3 generations.





Agra Fort entrance is a busy area. Make sure to stay together.

This is the entrance area of Agra Fort.





Entrance to the fun filled day in Agra

This is the main entrance of Agra Fort






Agra Fort had different kind of security. It was covered with the pond you see in this picture. Imagine this filled with water and hippos and alligator's etc. Would you jump in the water to reach the Agra Fort? I wouldn't.

This area used to be filled with water and wild sea animals to keep intruders away.






Only if I could enjoy this Sauna. Day trip to Agra would be succesful.

This is the only open air sauna I could find on earth, exclusively used by the king’s of Agra Fort




Outside of Agra Fort is very beautiful. Words won't describe the beauty as they won't do justice. Go to Agra today.

This is after the sauna and before entering the Agra Fort




This area has a lot of art work around. Photos don't do justice, so visit there and enjoy Agra Fort.

The artwork on the wall used to be engraved with gold and precious stones. It used to be a big feature of Agra Fort in its golden days.



This Cannon was used to salute the king and their dignitaries. A way to show respect and honor.

Cannon in the Diwan E Aam area of Agra Fort.





Agra kings used to talk to general public here.

This is Agra Fort’s common people area.




Day trip to Agra from New Delhi



Just a reminder, this is our last post about Agra Fort. We will still have a post remaining about Taj Mahal. That post will have a lot of photos only as we have already shared information about Taj Mahal earlier.  Therefore, let us continue with this post.






This is specialty of Agra Fort's architecture.

There are 64 pillars here & they are placed in a way that the Agra King can see everyone present there.




I can pretty much write a book about our Agra trip. In one day we had so much fun. Obviously, our day was like 18 hours. But we have saved the best for last. Make sure to watch the videos at the end of the page. The best thing that happened to us when we captured these videos. We still have another post in the making about our trip to Taj Mahal. Wait for some awesome photos of Taj Mahal and valuable information.




For your watching pleasures, we have following adorable videos from Agra Fort. You see the picture of Cannon above? This video was filmed near there. I won’t spill the beans here so please watch and enjoy. If you love (I’m sure you will love these videos) the videos, make sure to share them on YouTube and leave a comment below.














This is the end of our day trip to Agra from New Delhi. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to visit Agra one day. It is a must to visit Agra when you visit New Delhi.




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