Do you make these common travel mistakes? Part 1

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Do you make these common travel mistakes? Part 1




Since summer break is very close to us, I am going to share some common mistakes travelers make during planning stage (sometimes during execution stage). Would you be surprised, if I told you that some of us repeat these mistakes on regular basis. Below are some of these common mistakes and strategies to avoid them?


  1. Booking late – Procrastination gets to everyone occasionally and while planning a trip you can avoid this using a simple strategy. I am not saying everyone procrastinate, sometimes vacation is not approved and other important things don’t line up. I live in Canada and when I plan to go India, I try booking as early as 6 months in advance if not more. Simply plan early and book well ahead of time so that opportunity train is not missed. In short the strategy is the early you book the cheaper your trip will be. 
  2. Paying high fee on hotels and airfare – This can have 2 pieces.

Piece 1 is not researching and booking right away – Do you know when we are excited about an upcoming trip, we may book right away out of excitement. Which creates this problem. When I book my trips, I typically search at least 10 different websites besides hotel/airlines websites to see who is offering me cheaper options? I never ever book on day 1 of my trip planning. I generally try to see trends to make sure that fares aren’t going up/down. If I suspect they are going down then I wait for few days to even weeks. This works out only if I am booking way in advance. Otherwise this can backfire for sure. In short the strategy is look around for good deals and book after detailed research.


Piece 2 is late reservations – This anyone can avoid by completing an internet search using simple words such as “last-minute deals”. It opens up so many websites including airlines and travel sites that offer you last-minute cheap fares. Keep in mind that instead of empty rooms and seats airlines and hotels try to sell them on a cheaper price (sometime last-minute only and airlines will be an exception to this) to make whatever profit they are able to. I searched and found a lot of options. This can open the argument of visiting new places that you have never thought of visiting. Here your flexibility of trying something new will be tested. You will have to stay open about available options, because if your preferred site is too expensive then you should happily try a new place and keep your 1st option in your bucket list. At this time you can use one of my articles about 2 locations for the price of 1 strategy and see if going to a different place before you visit your preferred destination is a cheaper option or not?  In my opinion this is a wonderful idea which might be a sure win for you as a traveler. In short the strategy is not to book late or if this is the case then be open to alternate locations.


More in next post.




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