Do you make these common travel mistakes? Part 2

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Hello I am back with next part of most common mistakes travelers make.


Airlines choice – This is a tricky one. Let me use myself as an example. After I moved to Canada, I thought I will try different airlines every time I visit home back in India. So I used KLM, Emirates, BA, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific and United etc. Then I realized that staying with one carrier I should become a frequent flyer and use my points/travel miles to get some perks that are generally not available if I am travelling with an airlines only once. So now I stick with only 1 airlines unless it is too expensive or very few options are available if I used this airlines. I strongly recommend you do the same so that you are not missing out on getting free perks.


Hotel choice – This can sometimes be a stressful topic to deal with. When you search for hotels you see a lot of hotels to choose from? Sometimes a lot of options is more a problem than a solution. Because one can’t decide which option to select. I have a friend who uses a strategy of hotel choice little differently and generally saves a ton of money. When he goes to Vegas he doesn’t stay at one of the big casinos. Instead he stays at a regular hotel few blocks down the road. He uses the saved money on enjoying his trip. Is this a good strategy? ? It will be good for some however not  for everyone. But you’ve got the idea. Don’t fear to try new  ideas. You never know what comes out of this idea? What my strategy has been over the years is to stay at a hotel which gives me points/miles for my airlines frequent flyer program and for my credit card. Sometimes or I should say often times you get bonus points if you stayed at a partner hotel of the airlines. A good way to double dip your rewards.



More in my next post…….





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