Do you make these common travel mistakes? Part 3

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Here is the latest edition of most common travel mistakes.



Whether to buy or not buy trip insurance and other benefits – This is a debatable mistake. Why? Because you and I are different. I need it every time but the question is do you? Therefore this is one of the biggest one in my opinion. The very 1st time I bought trip insurance was in 2010 when we went to Great Falls and Glacier National Park. For 4 of us we paid about $80 for 4 nights. That year I went to India and bought insurance for $80. See the picture here? It is from our Montana trip. Since that trip, I don’t recommend buying trip insurance and benefits. Instead I strongly recommend getting a premium credit card that can get you these perks for free as a benefit of using the card. (You should compare between getting trip insurance against using credit card benefits before making your final decision) I have seen a lot of premium cards that have annual fee of $100 or more. But when you compare the cost of buying trip insurance for the family against one time annual fee of the credit card, most times it turns out that having a premium card is better idea that buying trip insurance separately. If you use this strategy, you can be a winner because you are 1. earning points for using the card, 2. then you are getting frequent flyer points/miles from the airlines and the hotel, 3. on top of that you get trip insurance, trip cancellation and other benefits for free. Is it not buy 1 get multiple benefits deal? And if you have more than 1 trips in a year, you are way ahead of the saving game. The only condition is that you have to use the credit card to pay for the trip. I am a firm believer of this strategy and never paid (since 2010) for trip insurance, trip cancellation, baggage delay, flight delay and other benefits. If you need help in deciding which card to choose from drop me a line and I will send you some detailed information. Keep in mind, I am in banking so I can do a lot of digging for you that otherwise may be difficult on your own and it is time-consuming for you. Unfortunately, I can do this only for my readers that live in Canada and USA.


Not researching enough – This is the one that should never be repeated. Do you know why? There is a proverb called “practice makes a man perfect”. I made up “research makes a traveler knowledgeable”. The easiest way to avoid this mistake is by researching, researching, researching and some more research on the internet, in travel books and other ways about your destination, airlines, fares, seat maps, hotels, resorts, frequent flyer programs and even the airports. Let me use myself as an example again. Every time I go back home, I research all those things above and every time I learn something new. I go to India 1 to 2 times a year so learning new things is good for me and I can say for every one. So you know what the trick is? The trick is research more than you generally do and enjoy your next trip.





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