Nando's has one of the best interior's.

How to enjoy top quality food in Calgary at Nando’s

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Nando’s Calgary






Nando's Calgary has a good quality entrance

This was a professional and presentable entrance. Very impressive




You are shopping in Calgary or traveling in Calgary. Suddenly you realize it is late in the afternoon and you need to do something very important. Something that is important than some other things. That thing is commonly known as feeding yourself when you are hungry.



It was a perfect timing as we were in North East part of the city and found a restaurant by the name of Nando’s. You ever heard about them? So, we decided to try them. remember we are vegetarians. Anyhow, when we entered, we fell in love with the ambiance and atmosphere. The entrance was nice and clean and beautifully presented to its patrons.




Nando's Calgary has food options for people of all ages, countries and ages.

Enjoy African Portuguese decorations at the reception.



Someone came and helped us to find a seat. This is an unusual practice, but we loved it. Their policy is that we go to the counter to order food and then sit. The waiter will deliver the food. Which we kind of liked. While waiting we decided to buy some sauce for home too as we have heard a lot about their sauces. So we bought one.



While patiently waiting for the food, we were amazed by their interior decoration. Just so you know, this is an African-Portuguese restaurant. The decoration reflected that. Their service was excellent. Let’s talk about the food.

Food options at Nando’s Calgary


Olives – I don’t like Olives, however, I tried them and really liked them. Can I eat Olives on regular basis? I doubt it, however, if I returned again, I would love to try them again.




The best Olives are offered at Nando's Calgary.

Mixed olives are a hit at Nando’s Calgary. Whether you like Olives or not, you must try them at Nando’s.



Veggie Sandwich – It was very fulfilling. I think for the price you can’t go wrong.


Fries – they were one of the best tasting fries we ever had. Our taste buds were more than satisfied.






The French Fries at Nando's Calgary were very tasty.

Nando’s Calgary offered very tasty French Fries





For home, we bought Peri Peri Sauce.




Peri Peri sauce can be used for food preparation also besides with Fries. You should buy a bottle from Nando's Calgary.

If you want to try this Peri Peri sauce, you need to go to Nando’s Calgary





Nando’s in Calgary had good food options. We loved their vegetarian options. However, the problem is, there is only 1 Nando’s in Calgary. The best part was for 2 of us, it only cost us $25. In today’s world where food is getting expensive day by day, food at Nando’s Calgary was the best available option.







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    Hi Diana, we are vegetarians, so don’t know about chicken. But their vegetarian options are better than some others. We really enjoyed our time and best thing was we paid less than $25 for food and a bottle of sauce. Which was another thing we liked about them.

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