Passenger Bill of Rights

What is exciting about new passenger bill of rights

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What is exciting about new passenger bill of rights


I am sure you’ve heard about United, Delta, Air Canada and other airlines not honoring passenger rights. Due to this, there has been a surge in passengers being bumped without any warning and/or any compensation.


Do you remember United Airlines incident that involved Dr. Dao?



There are a lot of things happening in Airlines world these days. Passengers are not happy with airlines, other passengers and for other reasons too. At the time when passenger satisfaction is at all time low and airlines are not doing anything to make them happy, here comes New Passenger Bill of Rights courtesy of Transport Canada.


Let me share with you what this bill of rights is and how can it help?

Passenger Bill of Rights


This bill of rights is introduced by Transport Canada on Tuesday, 16 May 2017. Ottawa has tried to introduce this legislation due to bumping of a lot of passengers in recent past.


The thing I love is that airlines can’t bump passengers off the flight without their consent. Canada Transportation Act has also introduced new foreign ownership limits for airlines, requires railways to install voice and video recorders in locomotives and improves transparency and efficiency in the freight rail industry.


Transport Canada promised this bill last month in the wake of widespread alarm after a United Airlines passenger was seriously injured when Airline staff dragged him from a plane in Chicago.


Canadian Passenger Bill and Airlines in Canada


Transport Canada wrote to airlines in Canada, that such incidents (like Chicago) should not happen here in Canada. However, this bill of rights spells out exactly what’s expected so that everyone is clear on expectations.


Mark Garneau wants to make sure passengers get compensation if they voluntarily agree for the bumping. In addition to bumping, Transport Canada wants to make sure fair compensation due to lost baggage and weather related issues.

Gabor Lukacs


If you haven’t heard this name before, then know, he is your best friend if you have a complaint against airlines in Canada. Gabor is an air passenger rights advocate.


Gabor fears nothing will change. He is still in favor of taking complaints to small claims court. As airlines or  Transport Canada are sometimes of no help.


For your reading pleasures about the Bill of rights


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In Conclusion

Whatever the internet or everyone thinks about the Bill of Rights, I would like to say I am more happy than unhappy. I knew about this was coming and was eagerly waiting for it. These changes will take effect in early 2018, however, in my opinion, it is the first step in the right direction. This Canadian Passenger Bill of Rights is what we need in Canada and we hope, it will do the job and will do it better than any other rights group or guidelines.




What do you think? Any comments?








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