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Exclusive 10 great tips on how to enjoy staycation

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Exclusive 10 great tips on how to enjoy staycation



Who doesn’t want to go on vacation? I don’t think I can find someone who doesn’t want or need a vacation? However these hard to find people are still there. Let’s not find them, let’s discuss “exclusive 10 great tips on how to enjoy stay-cation”. But before we go that way, let’s see the difference between staycation & vacation.




Staycation (holistay) is a period in which a person or a family or a group of friends stay home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night. They might take day trips to local tourist sites, swimming venues and other local attractions to have good time.




Vacation is a term used for a long period of recreation, when they spend time away from home or while traveling.  At times vacation is short or long and within state or out of the state and anywhere on the globe. It is a leave of absence from your home for a trip or journey usually for tourism. Generally vacations are spent with friends and family.




Costs can easily vary between $100 a day per person (for a staycation) to any amount depending upon where the vacation takes place.  Vacation away from home is very expensive depending upon place or destination and mode of travel to there.


1. Go to beach or pool


Wherever you live, it’s easy to find water. Sometimes natural (a lake, a river or even sea) or man-made (like a swimming pool). At the beach you can easily have a picnic and water fun. The more people, the better it is and more fun. At the pool you can enjoy swimming and hot tub, which is a healthy option.



2. Get the bike out


Bike is an everlasting adventure known to us from the time bike’s invention in 1817. There are millions of miles of dedicated trails all over the world for biking. I am sure you can find one easily where you can spend days easily.


3. Go to a movie


What is a better way to spend time than  watching a movie together. Either go watch a movie at a hall or enjoy a movie within the comforts of home thanks to Netflix, Hulu,  Apple TV, Dish TV and other similar companies where ever yo live?


4. Go shopping


This is what I don’t like at all. However if you are in a group, this activity brings a lot of fun without any doubt. Sometimes a lot of fun depending upon your company. Very easily you can spend a day doing this activity. Have fun.


5. Volunteer for a great cause


This is my favorite one. In today’s world volunteer is not considered staycation. However to support a good cause I am willing to spend time volunteering. This is priceless and if in your group you have children, it is a good way to teach them good things about life. I think it is a win situation for all of us.


6. Go hiking


You ever thought going for a hike nearby? If not, then start thinking about a hike. Benefit to you is good exercise, fresh air and natural beauty. Places like Banff National Park are good place for hike. Just look around wherever you live. I am sure you can find a hike close by to enjoy.



7. Take a local city tour


There are local city tours that run few hours to a day. Again what your place of stay have to offer, can easily be enjoyed. All you need is to decide where to go and for how long?


8. Visit local museums


Visiting your local museum also has an economic impact in addition to other things. When you go for shopping, movie or museum you are spending money locally which can in turn help local economy. Consider this as double win. One for you and one for the local economy.


9. Become photographer for a day


A friend of mine didn’t like going anywhere. He never like vacation however over the time things changed. And he started liking vacation, however our professional responsibilities sometime don’t allow us being away from home and work for long times and many times. So he decided that he will go to different places (obviously locally) and take photos.  Slowly slowly he started liking this photography and now he is a very well-known photographer, where I live. His dislike became his liking and then made him a successful business person. How cool is that?


10. Spend time with kids (visit Zoo, local historical site or a kids attraction)


What is the best way to spend time when you are on a staycation? I think the best thing you can do is spend time with kids. Take them to a local attraction depending upon their liking. It is a way to make a relationship with them and teach them about life.


Meaning of staycation is different for everyone and the way it is enjoyed is also different. Staycation can have hundreds of things that one can do. I am sure all of you have enjoyed different activities during your staycation. Feel free to share your experiences by leaving a comment below.




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