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How to have good in-flight experience next time?

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Flight from Tokyo to Delhi



The real excitement starts when it is time for our next flight because it is a sign that we will be home soon. The feeling of meeting family, the feeling of festivities, the feeling of all other good things makes the trip more exciting by now. It makes us feel that if we could be on Supersonic Plane now so that we can reach our destination in no time. But that supersonic options is not available. Which means close to 9 hours of flight time. 


Our next flight was with All Nippon Airways. I have never flown with them in the past. Knowing that ANA is rated very high on safety and on-time performance, I was expecting a lot from them. This is my first ever flight through Tokyo. So this new adventure was making me feel good. The plane we were going to travel on is B767-300 and we got good seats booked for us. Let me share our experience with them.


I am writing while in the air, knowing I may not get a lot of time when I reach Delhi due to tight schedules. I still have 2 hours left in my flight and decided to make use of this time.






We were warmly welcomed by genuine smiles, which we kind of liked. But we were only welcomed that was the bad part. I knew where exactly the seat was, however, they didn’t ask or offer guidance on the seat direction. “Go figure yourself” was the message I received so we decided to find seats ourselves.






The seat was excellent because it was the 1st seat in Economy section known as bulkhead seat. So as you can see in the pictures, a lot of leg room was available.


The thing I hate about the seat is, it is too small. I have a back injury and I sit on a pillow to support my back. The pillow wouldn’t fit on the seat, which I knew was a red flag for my back. 6 hours in flight, I confirm that last 6 hours have been punishment for me and I have 2 more hours left for more punishment.



In-flight entertainment



Sorry if I am complaining too much, I didn’t like the in-flight entertainment. Movies are kind of old, the latest Hollywood movie was Now you see me 2. Kids movie selection was the biggest I have ever seen. Lol, they only offer 3 movies for kids. Luckily my kids are grown ups, but I feel bad for parents with young kids who wants to watch a few movies to pass their time.


However, kids have 14 videos in total and they have a game portal on which kids can play a lot of fun games. We played Tetris, one of our all-time favorite game.






Wi-Fi is available on this and other ANA flights. The price, 30 min 15 MB for USD 4.95, 60 min 30 MB for US$8.95 & full flight plan of 100 MB is for US$19.95. It is kind of expensive but if you need it on the flight you should pay for it. I didn’t buy it so I don’t know about internet’s quality?




Please don’t get me started on this. The worst meal ever on a flight for both of us. I think I can make better food at home than the food offered to us. I could only eat half of what they offered because of the taste. At the airport AV Jr. was asking me about the food. And I kept assuring him that food will be better than Air Canada and it will be extremely tasty. Boy, unknowingly I was lying. Luckily when the food came AV Jr. was sleeping so he decided not to eat anything otherwise I would be in trouble. I didn’t mention to him about food quality but once he reads this post, he will find out.



 2nd meal service



Both of us were hungry. By this time AV Jr. was up and decided to eat. As seen in the photo an Empanada and a mini muffin were the food on 2nd serving. Oh boy, our expectation was good food this time but that didn’t happen. AV complained that the Empanada is served hot not cold. The only advice I could offer him was to “just eat and we will get something from Delhi Airport when we land”. And he accepted the advice.


Do you remember what I said about dirty places on the plane? There is a photo of my hand filled with water, I should rather say dirty water. This is what I got from the lavatory’s tap. So I decided to get water in a glass and use that water for brushing my teeth.


Until now, I could only give 0/10 marks to ANA. And same goes for AV Jr. His overall experience has been very bad. Our score card can increase as on our way back, we will fly on their Dreamliner. We really love Dreamliners and have had excellent experiences in the past with them







Good in-flight experience



Based on our experience in the last flight, I thought to share some things that you can do to research your next flight. Trust me, I did research the ANA flight and then only I booked it. But I wasn’t expecting such bad experience on board. The problems I faced was overcooked rice, bad tasting Indian food, FA’s couldn’t understand English in addition to other problems. I can say with full confidence that this was the worst flight ever for me since I started traveling in 1996. 


Below are some site’s you can use to research your next flight.

The airline’s website (you can see what in-flight services and movies available on board)

Word of mouth

Travel forums



Here I conclude the next episode of our trip to Delhi. I will be bringing much more information about Delhi and the Diwali festivities in next few days. So please stay tuned and leave us a comment below.





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  1. You should never drink the water for the plane no matter what! My last flight was one of the worst flights I’ve had in years of travel. Poor entertainment, junky service and on top of it all the person next to us change her few month old baby’s diapers right next to us. Then she hid it under the seat. Crazy people!

  2. Post

    Thanks for your comment. What we are in the habit of doing is, carry an empty bottle and after the security check, fill it from a tap or a vending machine. It is very convenient and saves a lot of money too.

  3. Ah man, having a bad inflight experience is the worst!! I always hope for decent for food and entertainment, I mean it’s the basics!! I’ve had a horrible experience with China Eastern and we literally rationed water!!! After that, I never leave without a water bottle filled with water now that I fly long distane! It was horrible!

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