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A healthy lifestyle means different to different people. For some of us it means, physical activity, for some it is diet and for some, it is a mixture of both in addition to other things. There are some of us who think healthy lifestyle‘s another meaning is how to lose weight? The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is health and diet and how do you make use of healthy resources, whether natural or not.


We all know that good nutrition is an important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. What is the benefit of exercising while consuming unhealthy foods? Does it help? In my opinion, good and healthy diet coupled with light to moderate to a lot of exercises go hand in hand.



Health is Wealth


I am a firm believer of “health is wealth”. What is the use of all the wealth when health is bad? With bad health, I don’t think you can enjoy the wealth. Therefore whosoever first said “health is wealth” gave us the right direction. Whether we go that route or not, it is our healthy decision. However, you should consider this mantra as an important factor of our life.


In my opinion and my knowledge,



Importance of healthy lifestyle



Do you want to control weight, boost energy, improve your mood, live long and live a disease-free style? If you said yes to all these questions, then you know the importance of healthy lifestyle. A nutritious, well-balanced diet along with physical activity and refraining from smoking, drinking and junk food is the base of good health. One should know eat better and sleep better can have far-reaching results on your overall health and life.



Some important factors that affect you healthy lifestyle include:



Being a nonsmoker

Being a nondrinker

Healthy eater

Nutritious diet

Sound sleep

Weight management



Fruits and nuts

Drink a lot of water




Please note, I am not writing a novel about healthy living so I will stop here. What would I like to tell you is, that I will be adding new and exciting content about healthy lifestyle and how it relates to travel? So stay tuned and be healthy while I bring you exciting information. Soon we will have videos and recipes about healthy food options.



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