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Here is THE best travel guide for Delhi, India

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Travel Guide for Delhi, India, part 1




I very happily will present you here a series of my trip to Delhi in video and in photos. We timed our trip during this time of the year due to the festival season. You may know Diwali (for Hindus) is equal to Christmas to Christians. The only difference is that Diwali celebrations take place over 5 days and the main festival on the dark night.


So, let’s start our journey to the festivities. And how this series would go? First off let me give you some information on Delhi, my birth place and where I spent 27 golden years of my life before I moved to North America.



Delhi or New Delhi or Old Delhi



Delhi is Delhi, no question about it. The difference between the 3 names is Delhi and Old Delhi is original Delhi before it expanded a lot. So the parts where it got extended are called New Delhi. Ever been to Red Fort? Because it is part of Old culture of Delhi, that part of Delhi is Called Old Delhi. Where my home is situated is the area that developed in last 50 years. Therefore it is considered part of new developed area. That is the reason it is known as New Delhi. Even the airport name is New Delhi Airport.



Is it safe?


Absolutely. Then why so many things happening against women? These are unfortunate things and can happen anywhere around the globe and actually happening everywhere as we speak. It is the social landscape in India which is the cause of the problem.



I must say things are lot better than what they were 18 years ago when I started my new chapter of my life in North America. Technology , education, economic growth and Western Cultures effect has brought a lot of change in recent years. However all the work hasn’t been done. So my verdict is India is safe place.


Information about Delhi is presented here.



Best time to travel



In our opinion any time during the year is good time to visit Delhi. Summer is little difficult in the sense that temperature can reach 50 C. If you are OK with heat, then feel free to visit at that time of the year. I have visited couple of times between My and June and really enjoyed. If you like shopping, then Diwali time is the best time.



Shopping tip



It is always your right (as a customer) to negotiate price of majority of things. Don’t feel bad and brush up on your negotiating skills. Worst the shopkeeper can say no. But you know what? At least you tried to get a good deal.




While I work to share my good experiences with you, I would like to tell you what to expect?



  • My travel to Delhi in a photo every 30 min (from the time I leave home here and reach my home in Delhi, in a short video) .
  • Ever had Naan Bread (BTW we call it Naan)? Would you like to see Naan as big as a pillow? Sounds amazing? Stay tuned.
  • Places to visit in Delhi
  • Vegetarian restaurants in Delhi
  • Most likely visit to TajMahal
  • Shopping in Delhi including price negotiating tips
  • Flight reviews
  • And a lot more.




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So my birthplace here I Come…………..






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  1. This is awesome! I’ve heard amazing things about Delhi and I’ve always wanted to experience Dawali! Good to know how hot it gets in the summer, 50 degrees celicus is way too hot me!!

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