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How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Brooks, AB)

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How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Brooks, AB)


First of all, this is our next post in the series of 150 posts about Canada’s 150th birthday. This time we would like to share the city of Brooks, Alberta.



Brooks is a city in Southeast Alberta. This beautiful city is located on highway 1 (Trans Canada Highway). This beautiful gem is about 186 KM Southeast of Calgary.  We have been to Brooks only once when we visited Kinbrook National Park, which was a lot of fun.

History and fun facts


This area was used for bison hunting. Around 1877 the residents started using the area for farming. In 1910, Brooks was incorporated. In 199 total population of the city in 1911 was only 486. When they counted census in 1996 the population was 10,093.


The city’s economy runs because of energy and agriculture. Other important sectors are metal manufacturing, food processing, and construction. Canada’s second largest beef-processing facility, owned by JBS Canada, is in Brooks. The plant has over 2000 employees.


Arts & Culture and local Attractions


The City of Brooks has won the Communities in Bloom competition four times in a row. The city library’s collection is of over 50,000 items.


The Lakeside Leisure Centre is the area’s main recreation center. There are three provincial parks in the area called, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Tillebrook Provincial Park, and Kinbrook National Park. In addition, there are several other recreation sites in the area including the Rolling Hills Reservoir, Crawling Valley Reservoir and Emerson Bridge.



Did you know Brooks is Alberta’s smallest city by area?


In conclusion


Just a reminder that this is our 8th of 150 posts about 150th Canada Day. Here I will share the links with you, our earlier posts. Our original post, our 2nd post our 3rd post about Tofino our 4th post about Saskatoon


The next post was about Yellowknife, the 6th post was about Penticton BC and the earlier post was about Guelph Ontario.




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  2. I’ve never heard of Brooks before! Guess that makes sense considering it’s Alberta’s smallest city. I love your 150 posts on Canada series because I am learning so much about these hidden gems in Canada!

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