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How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Comox, BC)



First of all, this is our 15th of 150 posts about Canada Day. Today, we would like to highlight another beautiful gem from Beautiful British Columbia. We call it the City of Comox.




Beach in Comox
Beach walk with a dog on Goose Spit in Comox (photo – Destination BC)



This is a town of 13,000 residents on the Eastern side of Vancouver Island, BC. Because of the local beautiful weather, First Nations attracted long time ago. The native word was Kw’umuxws, which meant plentiful. This area attracted farmers, lumber industry and fishing industry when it opened up for settlement in early to mid 19th century.



We have never been to this place before, but have heard a lot of things about this beautiful city and expect to visit there soon. Comox has seen a lot of activity such as airbase near the city during world war 2. This airbase brought prosperity to this side of the world.



In recent years, the area is known for tourism due to its good local wildlife, fishing, boating, golf and ski near Mount Washington Ski Area. In addition to these attractions, there are Forbidden Plateau and Strathcona Provincial Park. Comox is also home to Royal Canadian Air Force Base.



Comox snow
Snowshoeing at Mount Washington Alpine Resort. (Photo – Destination BC)









The town’s location is in the Comox Valley, along with several other communities. A lot of tourists love the signature landmark of the town, Comox Glacier. Another beautiful sight for the beautiful town.


Local attractions


The Filberg Festival – every summer

Nautical Days – Same weekend as Filberg Festival

Build, Bail and Sail – amateur boat-building competition and live music.

Comox Museum

Comox Airforce Museum




Sunrise in Comox
Sunrise over a marina from Goose Spit in Comox (Photo – Destination BC)



In Conclusion



I would also like to share with you that BC Parks is celebrating Canada’s 150th with free admission to the national parks. You can get your pass here for free.  Below you will find other posts about Province of British Columbia.




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