How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Guelph, ON)


First of all, this is our 7th of 150th post. Time is flying so fast, I didn’t even realize that I am already on the 7th post.


This time we will share details of “Royal City” called Guelph with you. This Royal City is another gem in Southwestern Ontario.





One especially relevant thing you should know is that this city has lowest crime rate in Canada, clean environment and high standard of living. Due to these specialties, this city consistently gets rated as one of the best cities to live in Canada.


Local Attractions


  • Downtown Guelph is an active attraction. Many streets are lined with Victoria Era buildings, which are of a century old.
  • Guelph Civic Museum. Here you can find pictures, films and other antique materials related to the historic development of the city (in addition to other cool stuff).
  • St. Patrick’s Ward
  • Goldie Mill ruins. Goldie Family owned this mill. In 1953 a fire destroyed the building. It now serves as a venue for outdoor public and private events.
  • Old City Hall
  • McCrae House
  • Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate
  • Guelph Lake
  • Riverside Park
  • University of Guelph Arboretum
  • York Road Park
  • Hanlon Creek Park
  • Royal City Park
  • Exhibition Park
  • The Macdonald Stewart Art Center
  • The Bookshelf Ebar Art Space
  • Ed Video Media Arts Center
  • River Run Center
  • Guelph Youth Music Center



Guelph is full of Victorian Era building around downtown
Church of our Lady in Guelph



Other local information


Here you can find information about local tourism. If you are planning to visit and celebrate 150th Canada Day in Guelph, you must read this because you will find valuable information here. For city information, read here.


Another interesting thing about the city is, it has a twin city. Can you guess which city is its twin city? Well, if you guessed Loria or Castelfranco in Veneto, Italy, you guessed it right.



Enjoy quality time in Market Square - Guelph
Market Square in Guelph is a busy tourist attraction.


In conclusion


At the end of this article, I would love to thank Guelph Tourism for sharing their photos with me. You enjoy this article and we will share details of another city tomorrow. If you want us to share a particular city, please leave us a comment. We will try our best to bring you the best of the city you would like to know about.