Stunning views of Kimberley, BC

How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Kimberley)

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How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (in Kimberley, BC)


First of all, this is our 16th or 150 posts about 150th Canada Day celebrations. This time, in Kimberley, BC. I can’t put the beauty of Kimberley in words.



Kimberley has something for every one.

Enjoy walking with the Family in the Platzl



Especially relevant, you need to know, I have never been here before. However, always been interested in visiting there. This is an extremely beautiful place in South East British Columbia.



The name Kimberley came from a South African mine in  1896. Until 2001 a huge Lead-Zinc mine was the only major name associated with this city. However, now Tourism is the name associated with this beautiful gem of British Columbia.



Some key things



You love skiing? You must visit Kimberley




If you ski, then you probably have heard about Kimberley Alpine Resort which is a ski lover’s destination. The ski resort offers fun for kids also. If you don’t know how to ski, you can still visit the resort during winter and enjoy.


In addition to other activities, you can enjoy the underground mining railway that features a 750-foot long underground mining interpretive center. This center has operational narrow gauge railway equipment too (for curious minds).


Recreational activities include skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, biking, hiking and golfing.


Kimberley Nature Park is the largest incorporated park in Canada. Also, non-motorized rail trail linking the cities of Kimberley and Cranbrook (read tomorrow about Cranbrook) make the city a unique all-season resort.



This city also offers thriving arts and cultural activities too. Who would’ve thought a world-class ski destination can offer arts and cultural activities?



Kimberley is so beautiful, it's unbelievable.

View of Mount Fisher




Canada Day celebrations



Kimberley has a unique way of celebrating Canada Day this year, by hosting 2nd annual Kimberley bed race beside other events. Read about it here. The thing I love about this bed race is that all proceeds will go to a local charity. YAY




I will let you enjoy Kimberley here. Until our next post stay safe wherever you are?



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