How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Trail, BC)



First of all, this is our 9th of 150 posts about 150th Canada Day. There is a twist in the script here. In addition to city information, we will add a few different things in our posts. Our next post will be about a Canadian icon. So bear with us and stay tuned.




City of Trail is a city in the West Kootenay region of the interior of province British Columbia. Please don’t be confused as a lot of people call British Columbia as Beautiful Columbia or Beautiful British Columbia. We will talk about provinces later on. But for now let’s concentrate on the city of Trail, BC.


Local residents named the city, Trail after the Dewdney Trail, which passed through the area. The city of Trail is on both banks of the Columbia River and is very close to the United States Border. The USA border reminded me of my post about how to go to the USA without a visa. Do you remember this post? Read it and enjoy it.



I don’t know how good can I explain the whereabouts of the city, but let me try it. Think of a beautiful mountain on the West and a different beautiful mountain to the east side. Then think of a calm river flowing through between the mountains and touching a city in between. This is how Trail looks like?





City information


In summer, the area gets hot and dry while nights are moderately cold. The river blankets in thick fog during the fall months and it looks extremely beautiful. Winters are mild to cold and do get snowfalls. There are small towns nearby and due to them being on high elevations than Trail, they get a lot of snowfall.




In the city, you can enjoy:


Trail Memorial Center and Sports Hall of Memories



This center plays host to the Trail & district public library, their local hockey team, their museum and Sports Hall of Memories, in addition to many local sports facilities. This Memorial Center is a hub of civic activity year-round and since the start, it has been a focal point of the community.



River Activities and music in the park at Gyro Park


As the name suggests, Gyro Park is the music’s home during the summer. Visitors can enjoy live music during summer months. During long hot summer days, Gyro Park is a favorite joint for the fun in sun and water and beach.



Then you have the Historic Gulch.



For those of you who love history, you should visit Gulch as it involves immigrants from Italy, Chinese and other Europeans.


In addition to the above, the city also offers Teck Cominco Interpretive Center.




The city has the largest non-ferrous lead and zinc smelter in the world. Visitors to this city can learn more about the area’s largest employer by taking a 2.5-hour industrial tour of the Teck Smelter. This tour is a speciality of  Teck Cominco Interpretive Center through the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce office in downtown.



In conclusion


Here are some of the resources you can use to visit Trail, BC. For hotels and tourism related information read here and for city-related relationship read here. If you have ever been to Kootenay or Trail, let our readers know about your experiences by leaving a remark.