Tofino's 150th Canada Day

How to celebrate 150th Canada day (Tofino)

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How to celebrate 150th Canada day (Tofino 3 of 150) 



First of all, this is our 3rd post of 150 posts about Canada’s 150th birthday. Furthermore, make sure that you sign up to receive these posts 1st hand.




Next on our list is Tofino. It is also another beautiful gem in Western Canada. Read more about Tofino here. You can also book hotels directly from their website.






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More information



Tofino is also known as District of Tofino. If you can join us in big celebrations, that would be lovely. However, here is to find out about upcoming events. Same like me, if you like birds, join them during their 20th annual shorebirds festival in Apr 2017. So that you know, I have never been to Tofino, but I have heard it is a beautiful coastal community.


Tofino is a popular destination in the summer. Because of active summer, the population swells to many times its winter size. As a result, the city attracts all sort of visitors. Seems like, if you name any water activity and chances are you can enjoy it there.


You ever thought of enjoying a Ferry? The easiest way for you to enjoy the Ferry is when you go to Tofino, you have to use BC Ferry. I have been to Victoria once and took Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria and everyone loved the ride.


The other especially relevant friend you have to know more about Tofino and BC, in general, is here. This is a most noteworthy resource and I love this resource. Since I have lived in BC before, when we go there, we use this resource every time. You can have all the information about BC there.


In conclusion


Another recommendation, to stay tuned for more posts where we will show you photos from a particular city in Canada. Remember, this is our 3rd of 150 posts. Therefore, expect a lot of information about several Canadians cities and Provinces. While you read this, please share any comment with us, so our readers can enjoy too.





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  1. I’ve never been to Canada however I know LOTS of Australians who have- and sometimes they never return as they love it too much! I hope one day I can get over there with my family. Looking forward to reading your posts about this beautiful country

  2. Tofino looks like a beautiful place to visit! I think it’s awesome that you’re doing 150 posts for the 150th Canada Day!

  3. I agree with @momknowsbest, when Canada is my mind I’m thinking of cold and I really love snow! I hope one day I can visit in Canada.

  4. It would be nice to go to Tofina and enjoy that ferry ride! It’s so awesome that Canada is celebrating their 150th anniversary!

  5. When I think of Canada, I think of cold. It is good to see that they get warm in the summer.

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