Another beautiful sight of beautiful BC.

How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Travel Beautiful BC)

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How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Travel Beautiful BC)


Here is our 17th post about 150th Canada Day celebrations. This time we have brought you photos of Beautiful British Columbia. British Columbia is the westernmost province (state) of Canada. The location of BC is in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The total population is over 4 Million beautiful people.


BC is a component of the Pacific NW and the Cascadia bio-region along with the US states of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.


This time we have made some changes to our posts. Our next few posts will have photos explaining a story about this beautiful state. Because we are going to share 150 photos with you, therefore, we will break it into 6 posts.




Beautiful British Columbia, some facts


The first British settlement happened in 1843 in Fort Victoria. This establishment gave rise to city of Victoria. At the same time, the first LG of British Columbia was hand-picked by the Colonial Office in London to transform BC into the British Empire’s “bulwark in the farthest west” and “to found a second England on the shores of the Pacific”.  Richard Clement Moody was Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for the Colony and the very first Lieutenant-Governor of BC.
Furthermore, Moody selected the site for and founded the original capital of BC, New Westminster. In addition to others, he also established the Cariboo Road and Stanley Park.  and designed the first version of the Coat of Arms of BC. Just so you know, Port Moody is a city in BC, named after him


Let’s get on to it

Here are some photos for you. There are 15 in total. So this will be a series inside the series of our 150 Posts about 150th Canada Day.





Let's travel to Beautiful BC

Downhill skiing at Grouse Mountain





This is Northern BC

The view of Agate Beach from Tow Hill in Naikoon Provincial Park near sunset.





Thompson Okanagan is part of Beautiful BC

Cross-Country skiing at Silver Star Mountain Resort


Beautiful BC is extremely beautiful




Beautiful BC is extremely beautiful



No matter what time of the year, BC is always beautiful

Snowboarding at Apex Mountain Resort


The only way you can appreciate the beauty is by visiting BC.

The view north to Skaha Lake from the upper vineyards of See Ya Later Ranch Winery




Whistler is part of Beautiful BC

Downhill skiing at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort


Ski is a popular activity in Beautiful BC

Skier at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort


You can enjoy a lot of views in BC

Skier at the top of Grouse Mountain with an aerial view of Vancouver


Let's travel to Beautiful BC

Downhill skiing at Grouse Mountain




To enjoy hockey on a lake, you must travel to BC

Hockey game on Gates Lake north of Pemberton




Vancouver Island is another beautiful part of BC.

Freestyle skiing at Mount Washington Alpine Resort




Thompson Okanagan is part of Beautiful BC

Cross-Country skiing at Silver Star Mountain Resort



Tofino is extremely beautiful just like BC.

Remember our post about Tofino?




Beautiful and tasty food in beautiful BC

Apres Ski dining at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort




Stunning views of Kimberley, BC





Comox, BC snow





Our personal guarantee that Penticton, BC  is extremely beautiful.

Isn’t it beautiful in the photo? Penticton is far more beautiful in reality.



Visit to Tofino, BC is incomplete with enjoying the scenery.

This is Tofino Islands Harbour. Enjoy the natural landscape scenery



Penticton and BC has a lot to offer. All you need to do is visit there.

You can boat too here besides, hiking, biking, and other fun-filled activities.





Near City of Trail, BC

Beautiful British Columbia’s Rockies




Beach in Comox, BC






Salmon Arm, BC is such a beautiful place.

Can you see the beauty in this photo?





BC Parks Celebrates Canada’s 150th with free admission to national parks

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation and we invite you to celebrate with Parks Canada! Take advantage of free admission to national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas for the entire year. Get curious about Canada’s unique natural treasures, hear stories about Indigenous cultures, learn to camp and paddle and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canada’s national historic sites with us. Find adventure, fun for the family or a short break from the every day in more than 200 special places across the country. You can get your discovery pass here for free




In Conclusion

This is the end of this post. We will bring you more photos of beautiful BC for you to enjoy. While we work on our next post, here is a link for you to visit BC Parks for free this year by getting a discovery pass for National Parks of Canada.




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  1. WOW. There are lots of amazing places in there and the activities looks really fun! My Sister is in British Columbia and I’ll share this to her 🙂

  2. This looks like such an amazing place! I would love to visit here someday with my family. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.

  3. I had no idea about those things! I am from the East Coast and slowly making my way across the country. Before I die, my bucket list is to visit all the states in this country then travel the world to sight see and eat. LOL Beautiful pictures!

  4. These photos are incredible! This was the first year in a while that I didn’t go skiing even once because I’ve been traveling mainly to warm places. Will have to make it back to BC for some fresh pow next year!

  5. It’s awesome to be able to ski again after a long time and BC seems to be the perfect place for that. It sure would be nice to spend some time with family over there.

  6. I live in south florida and in my community we have so many visiors in the winter from canada actually they are starting to head back up that way now/ But if I run into one now I can say happy canada day to them. Thank you

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  11. Wow! There is seriously so much beauty and so much to see and do! It makes me want to pack my bags and head off on an adventure!

  12. Wow! really great photos! They make me miss BC. Sadly I was just there in the summer…

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