Canada will celebrate 150th Canada Day this year.

Here is the opportunity to celebrate 150th Canada day (149)

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Here is the opportunity to celebrate 150th Canada day (149 days left)




Here is our 2nd post about 150th Canada Day. 149 means the number of days left for the opportunity to celebrate Canada Day. The next milestone will come after 50 years. Are you going to wait for 50 more years, when you can celebrate now?



Yesterday we shared Saint Johns on the eastern corner and today we would love to share one of the other corners of Canada.  This post is about The City of Dawson from The Yukon.





City of Dawson, Yukon




Here you can read about Dawson City and here is the Tourism site of Dawson City. They say “what you imagined the North to be”?





Canada Day celebrations will happen here too. Come join us.

City of Dawson – Yukon, Canada




If you want to learn about the City of Dawson read here. The time difference between Saint Johns and the City of Dawson is 4.30 hours. The City of Dawson is full of natural beauty as seen in the photo. Please note, this photo doesn’t do justice to the natural beauty of the Yukon.



One of the things I love about Yukon is stunning Aurora Borealis (commonly known as Northern Lights) display. Did you know, that you can check the forecast of Aurora’s and plan your trip accordingly? Here is the Aurora forecaster for you and it has a lot of information, including “travelers guide to the Aurora”.



Here is the information about your opportunity to Canada Day celebrations in The City of Dawson. If you are wondering to celebrate and see Aurora together, you should read this to learn about Aurora’s in the summer.



In conclusion, I would like to use this opportunity to invite you and yours to come to Canada to celebrate our 150th special day. In case if you can’t come to my beautiful country, enjoy our 150 photos of Canada and make sure to leave your wishes in the comments below.





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