When traveling sensible, you should be smart too. This way you can save a lot of money too. and travels smartly.

Sensible Travels

Sensible Travels Page



This page will bring you tips on sensible travels. If you are planning to travel soon (near or far) or just want to increase your knowledge about travels, follow this page. We will be adding valuable tips 3 times a week.



26 Jan 2017 Tip – When you travel and are able to buy Trip Insurance, make sure to buy it. Our thinking is bad time doesn’t come knocking. It just comes. The smart person stays ready for the bad time. Read here to increase your knowledge about Trip Insurance.



Tip –

31 Jan 2017 Tip – Do you have a Credit Card? Does this card give you any benefits in terms of points, travel benefits etc? Here is my tip, if you have a card and it gives you points every time you use it to buy stuff and/or your travel, you should use it. To give you an example, my primary credit card gives me 4 points for every $ I spend on grocery, gas, and dining. I also get 1 point for every  $ on all other purchases. Say I bought $1000 grocery a month, I will get $40 in points. In a year I will get $480 in points.


Besides the points, if I used my credit card to pay for my flight tickets, I will get travel benefits such as trip insurance, trip cancellation, flight delay, baggage delay and purchase protection etc. Suddenly, I am getting points for every purchase and to top off the deal, I am getting travel benefits for free. What else can I ask for?



In case if you don’t have a credit card like mine, talk to your bank. If you applied for the same credit card, my bank will give $200 worth of points just to join our program. Sweet? Yes, very sweet. Let us know if you have any questions about this strategy?