When you visit me I will tell you how to have good time in Calgary Zoo

How to have good time in Calgary Zoo

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How to have good time in Calgary Zoo






Having good time in Calgary Zoo is a reality. Visit Calgary Zoo and find out yourself.

Having good time in Calgary Zoo





Every major city on this globe have one thing in common (in addition to other things). That one thing is Zoo. Below is the list of Zoo and wildlife parks in Canada.


Calgary Zoo, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary & Nature Center – Calgary, Edmonton Valley ZooBritish Columbia Wildlife Park – Kamloops, Greater Vancouver Zoo, Okanagan Game Farm, Victoria Bug Zoo – Victoria BC, Victoria Butterfly Gardens – Brentwood Bay,  Assiniboine Park Zoo – Winnipeg, Thompson ZooThompson, Cherry Brook Zoo – Saint John, Magnetic Hill ZooMoncton, Oaklawn Farm Zoo – Aylesford, Shubenacadie Wildlife PArk – Shubenacadie, African Lion SafariHamilton, Bird Kingdom – Niagara Falls, Bowmanville Zoo – Bowmanville, Elmvale Jungle Zoo – Elmvale, High Park Zoo – Toronto, Jungle Cat World – Orono, Oshawa ZooOshawa, Papanack Park Zoo – Wendover, Riverdale FarmToronto, Riverview Park & ZooPeterboroughSaunders Country Critters – Kemptville, Toronto ZooToronto, Granby Zoo – Granby, Montreal BiodomeMontreal, Montreal InsectariumMontreal, Park Safari – Hemmingford, Zoo Savuvage de St-Felicien – Saint – Felicien, Forestry Farm Park and ZooSaskatoon



Calgary Zoo


I hope you know that zoo is more than just a place to see animals. Like accredited zoos and aquariums across the world, Calgary Zoo is a force for animal care, research and conservation.


Calgary Zoo has partnered with other conservation organizations to help reintroduce and recover endangered species including Vancouver Island marmots, whooping cranes, swift foxes, black-footed ferrets, burrowing owls and more, offering both ability and captive-bred animals for release.



When we hear word Zoo, first thing that comes to our mind is kids. Zoo is for kids not for adults. Once you visit a Zoo, you will realize this statement is completely incorrect. Below are things you can do to have good time in Calgary Zoo.



Canadian Wilds


Get to know some of Canada’s most impressive animals as you wander along the forested pathways of the Canadian Wilds. You’ll see bears splashing in their pond, wolves snoozing in the sun and eagles perched high in the treetops. Even if you’re a hiker, you’ve probably never had such extraordinary views of cougars, bison, bighorn sheep and mountain goats.


Things to see here


Black bear, Grizzly Bear, Whooping Crane, Woodland Caribou



Conservatory and Gardens


You might come for the animals, but you could find yourself spending more time than you bargained for admiring our botanical side. Wander along lush pathways, to explore a living library of trees and plants – including a few that might surprise you. Kiwi fruit in Alberta? You bet! All paths lead to the ENMAX Conservatory where you’ll find a steamy butterfly garden and jungle atmosphere – complete with banana trees and pineapple plants.



Habitat Gardening



The Calgary Zoo’s animal habitats are carefully choreographed to create healthy homes for the zoo’s animals. If you think about it, the zoo is really a garden. Our habitat gardeners carefully select and place plants because they  provide shelter, comfort, food and fun for our animals.


Things to see here


Butterflies and The Garden Gallery,  Garden of Life and Alternative Energy Showcase

Glorious Gardens





Having good time in Calgary Zoo is a reality.

Butterflies in Conservatory and Garden in Calgary Zoo.







Destination Africa


Trek down steamy tropical rain-forest pathways alive with lush plants and singing, colorful birds. Along the way, you’ll see gorillas, colobus monkeys and mandrill in their family groups. But don’t let the cute primates distract you – keep a watchful eye out for snakes and crocodiles too. Then, wander over to the Savannah to see hippos underwater in their huge pool, giraffes and zebras grazing in the distance and lions snoozing in the sunshine.


Things to see


Animals – African Lions, gorillas, Giraffe, Hippos


Places – TransAlta rain forest, Safari through African Savannah, Family fun for the little ones





Having good time in Calgary Zoo is a reality. You should go to find out how?

Did you hear, illuminasia is about to reach Calgary Zoo?










Journey to Eurasia where tigers walk the grassy plains and snow leopards lounge in tree branches. Watch the playful antics of Japanese macaques as they swing and chase each other overhead, then visit adorable red pandas that explore and climb before your very eyes.


Things to see here


Amur tiger, Red Panda, Snow Leopards, Komodo Dragons, Rhinoceros




Penguin Plunge



Surround yourself with playful penguins perched on rocky outcroppings, plunging into chilly water, popping out of holes in the ice and walking with their trademark waddle. It’s the perfect setting to get to know Humboldt, gentoo, rockhopper and king penguins. With a retail area, food outlet and shopping, Penguin Plunge is a destination in itself.



what to see


Penguins and their homes
















Prehistoric Park



Watch for triceratops grazing among the bushes, then look up to see fearsome T-Rex’s banana-sized teeth ready to tear into his next meal. Make sure not to run away.  While you haven’t actually traveled back in time – it just feels like it. Discover, life-sized dinosaur models around every turn at the Calgary Zoo’s Prehistoric Park and see for yourself what Alberta might have looked like when dinosaurs reigned supreme.


The Calgary Zoo has brought back Dinosaurs Alive , a dinosaur exhibit which will help you to experience what Alberta might have looked like when dinosaurs reigned supreme. Don’t forget to visit Dinosaurs Alive event page for more details. This page will help you stay up to date with all exciting things at Calgary Zoo.



Things to see


Different kind of dinosaurs, hoodoos




Calgary Zoo has 6 destinations. Which runs their own different programs. If you want up to date information about zoo, their upcoming festivals, about animals that live in Calgary zoo and other Zoo related information, make sure to check out Calgary Zoo Blog here.




Having good time in Calgary Zoo is a reality.

Conservatory and Gardens at Calgary zoo





In conclusion we would like to say, if you are in Calgary, don’t miss the Calgary Zoo. It is a place enjoyed by visitors throughout the year. I am sure once you visit there, you would like to come back again and again because of your love.


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