Jasper is the place to be for nature lovers

Jasper is the place to be for nature lovers. Are you one?

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Jasper is the place to be for nature lovers. Are you one:



Did you know – Jasper is the place to be for nature lovers. Are you one? Jasper is what I hear all the time from my fellow Calgarians and always wondered how beautiful it is? So I decided to take a trip down to Jasper expecting breath-taking views, beautiful mountains and natural scenery. What am I getting here? Let me show you the way to Jasper from Calgary.







What did we do to prepare for this trip?


Jasper is the place to be for nature lovers.


First of all, when we could not find a place to stay in Jasper so we decided to stay in Hinton which is about an hour away from Jasper. Can you guess why Hinton, why an hour away?


Due to busy travel season, a lot of people visit Jasper from all over the world. During peak times Jasper hotels are fully booked and as a result, this is what happened with us? Just so you know we booked our trip 4 months in advance and still we could not get a hotel in Jasper.


This drove me to have my first hand experience of staying an hour away from our destination. So I looked for hotels in Hinton. Then I found 3 hotels and decided to shortlist a hotel for our stay. Finally we decided we will stay at Quality Inn and Suites, 782 Carmichael Lane, Hinton, AB. Why? Major difference between all the hotels I found in Hinton was few necessities.


We were able to get what we needed for our trip. Such as an indoor pool with a hot tub, free and secured WiFi and free breakfast. After a tiring day, we like to sit in a hot tub to refresh ourselves. Free and secured WiFi is a big perk these days, and if it is really secured I don’t have to worry about my personal information on our devices.


To add to these perks, a free breakfast is always good whether you’re like me “a strict vegetarian.” So we decided that we will stay at Quality Inn. What we learned by experiencing Hinton?


Some key pointers below:


  • It is only 75 KM from Jasper, however the breath-taking views (in my next post) makes the trip very short and in case if you can find wild life on highway, your trip will feel shorter due to stops on the way.
  • Hinton has a lot of things to do that are cheaper than Jasper. A quick comparison was gas. In Hinton it was $0.96 and in Jasper gas was $1.12 a liter.
  • From Hinton to Jasper there were 4 places one can stop and explore to make the trip memorable.
  • There are more hotel choices in Hinton than Jasper, unless you are using property rental sites.
  • I feel good about staying in Hinton than staying in Jasper.


If you are wondering about the hotel, then let me give you some information.


Quality Inn and Suites, Hinton:


We really liked the hotel. We will never hesitate in staying at a Choice Group’s property after staying at Quality Inn site. We had good experience with following:


  • Cleanliness
  • Ambiance
  • Newer building
  • Friendly staff
  • No language barrier
  • Any extra requests were promptly handled.
  • Breakfast had a lot of options.
  • Swimming pool and hot tub were extremely clean and they had good supply of towels etc.
  • WiFi quality was excellent and there were no connection issues at all.
  • We cut short our trip by 1 day and the hotel staff was very helpful and we didn’t pay for the day we didn’t stay. That was awesome.


My recommendation:


We were 3 families with different needs.


A couple, another couple with a 6-year-old and 2 of us with 2 of ours aged 15 and 19.


When the trip ended, I must say everyone was really happy with the hotel. Hotel phobia generally asks one how good this hotel is? Whether this hotel will be a comfortable one or not? Are we able to have a memorable experience at the hotel? What I recommend (based on 3 different needs) is:


Feel free to stay at Quality Inn and Suites without any hesitation. You will not regret at all by staying there. In addition to my article, let me show you some pictures.








Like I said, it was a good decision although Hinton is an hour away from Jasper. Based on what I saw, my verdict is Jasper is the place to be for nature lovers. Are you one? If you are then make sure to check some videos out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQ_122mUs4CKbOTosYquCQ.



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