Do you know how important trip insurance is?

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Do you know how important trip insurance is?


Trip Insurance or Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that covers different expenses. In addition to other benefits, these are medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight interruption & other losses incurred while traveling. Whether internationally or within one’s own country. Due to the popularity of trip insurance, you can purchase it at the time of booking the trip. Sometimes a multi-trip policy can cover an unlimited number of trips within a set time frame.

Ways of buying trip Insurance:


  1. If you are booking online, they will automatically offer you at the end of the reservation.
  2. You can call in and get this from an insurance company.
  3.  If you are using a premium credit card to pay for the ticket, you may automatically get it, if the credit card offers it as a benefit?


Some common trip insurance benefits:


  1. Medical

    – so if you get sick during your trip, you will get money back for your medical expenses, however, will need receipts in most cases. Make sure to know if there is a clause about an existing medical condition.

  2. Trip cancellation

    – For some medical or personal reasons (such as death, motor vehicle breakdown, accident of a traveler etc) you can cancel your trip and get reimbursed for the ticket price minus your insurance premium.

  3. Trip interruption

    – You are going for the dream vacation and during the stop over next flight gets canceled or rescheduled after a day. Too bad very sad. Isn’t it? If you have trip interruption benefit, depending on the insurance provider you get reimbursement for the hotel stay, daily meals and other unavoidable expenses.

  4. Flight delay

    – If you live in a city or fly from an airport where snowing is a common theme during winter months, then you should definitely have this coverage. It covers you for when of flight delay of 4 or more hours (check with your insurance provider) and you are reimbursed for food, toiletries and things you may need for an emergency stay. This is on top of what airlines give you (sometimes).

  5. Delayed and lost luggage coverage

    – If your baggage is lost or delayed, you are eligible for reimbursement for buying things of daily use.

  6. There are other benefits

    – also that I am explaining here, however, I would highly recommend that you talk to your travel agent or an insurance agent for exact details and price.





We insured ourselves just by using our premium credit card.

Air Canada flight on which we bought trip insurance




I use a premium credit card and my credit card offers me more than just above benefits. I get coverage like purchase protection (my warranty is automatically doubled),  Price protection (when I buy big-ticket items and price goes down within next 60 days I am eligible for reimbursement of price difference), hotel/motel burglary, buy security (if I bought something and it gets stolen in 30 days I can get my money back.


The condition for these benefits is that I use my credit card to buy tickets/products. And remember I do pay an annual fee once a year and if I am making more than a trip, my annual fee is automatically justified. Do you have any interesting story about the use of trip insurance? Please note, I am talking about my credit card from Canada. Please check what your bank or airline has to offer? In addition to these benefits, some cards offer more rewards.  I like my card because of especially relevant travel benefits.


In Conclusion


We can’t talk enough and stress enough, how important trip insurance is? In our terms, if you are carrying your passport for a trip, you need to have trip insurance, Period. I recommend when you visit your bank next time, ask them about a premium card that gets you a sign up of bonus and gives you annual fee waiver for the 1st year and gives above mentioned and more benefits. If they offer a credit card that matches these points, just grab it. Don’t wait.


Any thoughts on Trip Insurance? Please share so others can read your views and benefit from them.






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  1. If you travel a lot, you should really familiarize yourself with this. It’s important to make sure that everything is covered, from your health to your belongings.

  2. I have never purchased trip insurance and I swear ever single time we travel something major goes wrong – every time, never fail. I will have to keep this in mind for sure.

  3. So interesting. Sometimes I get insurance and other times I do not. I know I do feel better when I do get it!

  4. I didnt know all this about travel insurance! Will definitely need to look into this next time im on my travels!

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    Hello, yes this is important. I do have trip insurance as a work benefit, however, I depend more on my credit card because I have seen some significant difference between credit card offered insurance and work insurance. And I always believe in credit card offered insurance.

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    I know Russ. It is a debatable subject. If not explained it will come out as an additional and unwanted expense. But this can be a service that can save one from a lot of troubles.

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  13. Insurance is one of those things you kick yourself for not getting if you need it. I always get it on a rental car too, and I finally needed it (ran over a curb and the bottom piece of the car came of off). Now if it’s on something important, like a trip, I get it.

  14. Agree – travel insurance is so important. I buy a yearly subscription which covers e for the entire year so I don’t have to worry about it for every different trip that I go on!

  15. this is very important I agree, my husbands company has this insurance that we can use world wide but sometimes we also get those travel insurance included for luggages during flights

  16. I’m not familiar with trip insurance because I don’t travel that often and when we do travel it is not that far. I can definitely see the benefits in it with loss of luggage and flight cancellations, etc.

  17. This has been informative, Vishal. Most airline companies here in my country offer travel insurance but most people see it as additional, unnecessary travel expense. For one, the concept of travel insurance and why it’s important are not fully explained.

  18. Travel insurance is on the top of our list every time we plan on going for a vacation or business trip. I will have to check with my bank if they do offer this premium card. Traveling is supposed to be fun, not full of anxiety and “what ifs.” Thanks for the reminder!

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    I completely agree with you. You should always have it with you. My favorite quote (made by me), “if you are traveling with your passport, you should have trip insurance”.

  20. I always have some sort of travel insurance when I am out and about. It is so important to keep your belongings safe when you are away from home.

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    Hi, Leigh. Until one gets in trouble, one doesn’t realize how important Trip Insurance is. I found out when one of my friends had to spend about $800 in hospital bills while on vacation. Then I decided not to travel internationally without it.

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    Thanks Kimberly for your input. Spending thousands of $ on tickets and not buying insurance is a bad idea. One may or may not need it but one can have sound sleep at night not thinking and stressing about “I should’ve bought it”.

  23. I recently booked a trip to Europe for the family for several thousands of dollars and insurance was offered at the end of the booking. I didn’t take it, but kept thinking about it. You never know when something happens. I went back online and purchased it. The peace of mind it gives is absolutely worth it!

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