Dreamliner entrance while en route to New Delhi

Here is THE best travel guide for Delhi, India day 1

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Here is THE best travel guide for Delhi, India day 1 



As mentioned in my post  earlier  I started my journey on Friday, Oct 21st from my home in Calgary. Let’s start the journey together. 



New Delhi Flight 



So we started from home at 0930 and reached the airport. As seen in the photos (in the short video), the drive was good because luckily it wasn’t snowing in Calgary.


Calgary International Airport treated us with fresh paint smell. Those of you who don’t know, the Calgary airport will have a new terminal by end of October. The new terminal is a bigger and better one. In addition to Hainan Airlines, there are hopes of Qantas and Cathay Pacific to come directly to Calgary in near future. Which means for us Calgarians new destinations.


Anyhow, we experienced Air Canada  hospitality at the check-in counter. A trainee agent helped us to check in. But the trainee agent was so helpful and knowledgeable, it didn’t feel like I was dealing with a training agent. That reminded me of my KLM days when I was training to become a Check-in Agent. However, her attitude and willingness to help were commendable in my opinion. After painless check in, we went to the security check area and it was really busy. We are happy that the new airport is about to open and the traffic will be lot lighter.




Security clearance counters



I know there was no rush like what’s happening in the USA, but please know we are not used to that many people waiting for their turn. We were able to complete security check in less than half an hour which was another good thing because nobody including me wants to wait in lines.


By the time we reached the gate, it was almost time for our boarding. I approached the customer service agents at the gate and asked them if we can pre-board. While expecting a lot of questions the agent said “oy yes, you can” and we were happy. Once the business, premium economy and status holders board we can board. Which was good news because we wanted to take photos of the seat and other equipment on board.



We boarded and since we were the early ones on the plane, we were able to take photos. Let us share some of our views with you. Please see the video below.














Entrance  of the Air Canada Dreamliner



A few nice, beautiful and courteous Flight Attendants welcomed us on board. They were smiling and genuinely welcomed us. At any given moment we never felt that their smile and courtesy is because of the work they do. It is because they genuinely want to serve us. For their genuine smiles, we treated them with some chocolates that we purchased from an airport. Friendship started.



Inside cabin



We didn’t take photos of the inside when we entered due to privacy of few other passengers on board. Therefore we took the photo when we reached Tokyo. As the photo shows, the planes ambiance was up to Air Canada’s standards and we liked it.






I am very happy with the seat and so does AV Jr. Luckily, I could easily fit in the seat and I think it is the specialty of Dreamliner that it brings passengers dreams into reality. I am almost 6 FT and I could sit very comfortably, which for changes is very nice. I am happy that I was able to fly on Air Canada’s Dreamliner. So far it was a dream for me (to fly on AC’s Dreamliner), however, we are impressed with Air Canada’s experience.


Since our seat was in front, we really love it. You know why? Because we are in front of the engines, it is not that noisy. The seat’s comfort and no engine noise made the flight really comfortable. It is much comfortable than I thought. Please don’t ask about AV Jr as he is extremely happy. He said, “this is the best plane ever I traveled on”. His remarks are for the same reason I just described above.






You probably do not know we are vegetarians, we enjoyed good vegetarian food on board. We requested Asian Vegetarian Meal and it was so good, I can’t put it in words. Good job Air Canada, we were not expecting such good experience. I have never had such good experience with Air Canada before.



The only problem with the Dreamliner we faced was the overhead light kept coming on. The light switch placement was causing this problem. Both of us had 3 seats for us. So AV Jr. decided to keep the middle seat unoccupied. While sitting both lights kept turning on because the 2 seat buttons were under his arms and they kept turning on by themselves. We even had a Flight Attendant come and ask us what do we need. We figured out that while sleeping the button pushed itself due to its placement on the arm rest.



The Flight Attendants were on their toes during the flight. Which we really liked. So, in conclusion, we would love to share some photos of Calgary to Tokyo flight. We will continue our coverage with the next All Nippon Airways Flight from Tokyo to Delhi. Until then enjoy your time wherever you are?





Thank you for reading and make sure to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.









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  1. Great guide. Looks like Air Canada has wonderful service as compared to other flights.
    Good to hear that veg food was decent. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. So glad you experienced wonderful service from the Air Canada staff – we’ve always found them to be excellent customer service representatives as well 🙂 Happy travels!

  3. Your flight with Air Canada sounds wonderful. It’s nice when you can find an airliner with comfortable seats and good food, especially on those long hauls! Like you hate lines and hitting the airport at the right time can make all the difference in the USA, where lines can become exhaustively long. I really like Virgin Atlantic for comfort out of US.

  4. Half the journey is the airplane ride, right! I was recently in Calgary and was surprised by how torn up it is right now. You can tell they are preparing for a big change, which was much needed.

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