Going from New Delhi to the shrine of Naina Devi in Himachal Pradesh.

New Delhi is one of the Best places to visit in India

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New Delhi is one of the Best places to visit in India



I know, I know. It has been over a month since Diwali and our return, I am posting about our visit to India. Trust me if I would’ve done it earlier if I could’ve.



Anyhow here you go about our experience in India. Before I start, I want you to know we visited Agra and a famous shrine in Himachal Pradesh during our trip. Hopefully, you liked Taj photos



So after we reached Delhi, we enjoyed some nice fireworks that were taking place due to festival time. After we reached home, met our family, it was time for some shopping. I generally carry my local phone for use in India but this time I decided, I will get a local Delhi number and keep it permanently.






Shopping in New Delhi




Shopping for local cell phones

This is how you can get a local cell phone number.



Do you see the photo here? Can you guess what these pouches are? Let me tell you, these are sim cards. Now, you pick the carrier, you pick the number and the shopkeeper would activate a line for you. You do need a local ID to activate a new number. So I used my father’s details as I do not have any local ID’s.


If you have any local friends or family they can get you a local number that you can use in Delhi. My recommendation, that if you visit India 2 or more times a year, it is a good idea to get a local number. My plan included 2 GB of data for 28 days for INR 359 (like USD) I filled it with INR 500 worth of talk time through Airtel. Any incoming calls were free. Good thing is that every time I made a call, I would receive a text displaying my balance right away. Although I could go into phone settings to see my balance and usage. I was excited to get 2 GB for USD 7 and here in Canada I pay like $30 with Bell Canada.



So I got the phone and then we decided to visit Delhi’s own downtown called Connaught Place. My favorite place in Delhi. You could spend a day there enjoying various activities and come back for more the next day. Let me tell you briefly, some of the nice places that you can visit in Connaught Place and surrounding areas.



Tourist attraction – Connaught Place, New Delhi




New Delhi Tourist attraction - Connaught Place

Enjoying good time in New Delhi.




Connaught Place is very busy and biggest tourist attraction in New Delhi. Your trip to New Delhi is incomplete without a trip to Connaught Place.


A few activities I like in CP are, eating & drinking at Wenger’s, Janpath shopping (photo above), Palika Bazaar (underground market), Inner and Outer Circle, eat South Indian food at Saravana Bhavan, Central Park, Hanuman Temple, shopping at Janpath Lane and Jantar Mantar visit etc. In addition to these places, there are many other activities once can enjoy in Connaught Place.



Conclusion of New Delhi post


In the end, I would like to share with you part of West Delhi, where I hail from, in a couple of photos. It was celebration time when we were in New Delhi. As the photos show, in New Delhi residents and local businesses spend a lot of money on decorations. I must say, one should definitely visit, New Delhi during Diwali once in their lifetime to experience the festival mood.




Festival time in New Delhi that everyone must see once in their lifetime.

Jwalaheri market decorations in West Delhi




Promenade mall New Delhi open decortions

Lighting decorations due to lighting festival.




One tip, if you are shopping in Palika Bazaar (the underground market in Connaught Place) or around, you can bargain. Make sure to bargain a lot. Some of the places you can bargain up to 50% of asking price. For tipping – you can tip anytime and as much as you wish. Most noteworthy, for your own security, keep eyes on your stuff all the time. Keep valuables safe and don’t count your cash in open.



Keep a copy of your passport on you all the time. It is up to you to keep the original on you, however, I would recommend keeping the original with you all the time. While keeping the photocopy of your passport, I would strongly recommend have copies of other especially relevant documents. 





DLF Promenade mall in New Delhi, one of the best and most expensive mall.

The most expensive mall in New Delhi




Lotus decorations in Ambience Mall, New Delhi

Lotus of Ambience mall, New Delhi







Really decorated, Ambience Mall, New Delhi

If you like decorated malls, visit Ambience Mall




Please stay tuned for more posts on our trip, that includes videos and articles about fireworks and other cool activities. Finally, in addition to reading this post, make sure to check related posts. If you like, subscribe to our blog to stay current on what is happening?






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  1. I haven’t been shopping in Delhi yet so all these sounds so attractive to me.
    Bargaining too is a skill, may be I will get some practice on it there.

  2. Great tips. Hoping to get to India next year so would love to be able to visit New Delhi. Will save this for later planning.

  3. I nee to give it another try. I was there before and didn’t like Delhi but the same thing happened to me when I was in Manila. I didn’t like it the first time but when I went back I started to like it more!

  4. Delhi is for sure an amazing destination and you seem to have been there at the right time. Diwali is by far the most extravagant festival celebrated all around India and Delhi would have been no different. Loved the pictures capturing the mall and the Connought plaace.

  5. Delhi also has some of the richest heritage in the country, a lineage that goes back to 3500 BC, when it was the site of the grand Indraprastha, capital of the Pandavas, mentioned in the Mahabharata. We have some glorious examples of Mughal architecture and a fantastic food palate.

  6. Staying connected is always important so great tip on the sim cards for data i always like knowing what regualr visitors use when they are travelling. Looks like there are lots of great sights to see in the Indian capital. The market looks particually impressive, my wife loves a good market

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