Paris is the world's most romantic city.

100 awesome photos (in a video) of beautiful Paris

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Beautiful Paris


Oh, Paris! Have you ever wondered how beautiful this romantic city is? I have and will wonder until I visit the world’s most romantic city one day.


Here we present to you a new series of 100 world’s famous cities in 100 photos. So please stay tuned, we will have more videos coming soon. This one is about Paris. Enjoy the video and if you like, please share the romance.





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In conclusion, we would like to share some other videos on our site about other cities. Let’s start off with Canada here about Beautiful British Columbia, here about the City of Winnipeg and here is our favorite destination of all time Banff National Park. This represents a day trip to  Banff, Lake Louise and now last but not the least, a video of Okanagan area of Beautiful BC.



However, make sure to enjoy this video.


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  1. Paris is a dream city of every people life. It such a wonderful and romantic place. I love Paris, It is my dream city. When I will get married, I want to go there with my husband to enjoy our best time. Your sharing video is really interesting.

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  5. Paris is one of those places that I am really wanting to visit. This was such an incredible look into the city.

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  7. I was born in Paris! and lived there for 7 years! what a pretty city! i love coming back there! gorgeous slide show!

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