Please don’t make these travel mistakes. Ever.

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Travel Mistakes


Excitement is natural when someone plans a vacation. With a confirmed trip, we get excited and tend to make mistakes that we should not.  These mistakes happen before, during and after a trip. I have written about different mistakes in the past. Today I would like to share some mistakes that we commit during the trip.


I don’t think I am a seasoned traveler but I have traveled a lot. Over the time I found myself making these mistakes and thought it would be a good idea to share these considering it is high travel season. Although in my opinion every time is a good time for travels.


Informing the bank – is a big mistake in my opinion. I still can’t forget about a trip in 2006. When I went to India and forgot to tell my bank and missed 2 payments in my absence. And you know the consequences. If I compare 2007 and 2016, you would agree with me times have changed and it has become more easy to tell the bank. For example, my current bank offers a feature called info-alerts. You can use similar features from any bank. Nowadays it is easy to tell the bank about your planned absences & you don’t even have to visit them.


Informing the security company – is another big one. It is always a good idea to tell your security company (if you have an alarm system at home), so that they are aware of your absence. This way some if not all security companies keep an extra eye on your home. In case if you don’t have fire coverage, make sure to buy it for the time you are not at home.


Roaming – If you are going to a destination or country where you will not have internet or phone facility (these places either don’t exist or are generally very expensive for foreigners because it is pure profit for the hotel/resort), not buying roaming and WiFi is a very bad idea.  Not having roaming is good if you do not wish to be disturbed while you are on holiday. I learned this hard way when I went to Dominican and had no internet or phone because the resort was asking for US$25 per day or US$70 for a week. However I was able to buy roaming and WiFi for about CAD $50 which was worth it.


Local money – A lot of us make this mistake. We either don’t carry enough local currency or depend a lot on credit cards. The difference between using local currency and credit card is you are  at a loss if you used a credit card. How? If you can go to your bank and get local currency you will be ahead of the game. However if you are not able to do this, you can always use credit card. Unless you have an US$ credit card, you are fine otherwise chances are you will pay conversion fee, transaction fee and foreign exchange fee. The simple way to avoid so many fee are either carry US$ or local currency and do the math yourself to see which is cheaper option.


Over/under packing – I must say in beginning, I am a real culprit of this mistake. Last October I went to India and packed few extra jackets. When  I reached New Delhi, I found it was hot for me. So I carried 3 jackets for no reason. Every time I opened my suitcase, I felt bad. And made a promise to myself for not over packing again ever.


Not knowing local conditions/people and culture – I make sure I read a lot about my destination. I think it is a good and helpful thing if you know more about local people and culture.


Biggest travel mistake is posting about your trip plans on Social Media – This is a big no. Absolutely don’t invite thief and robbers to your home after you are gone. I have a friend who bought a lot of stuff for marriage and posted photos on social media and started a conversation on social media. Later during the same week, they checked in to a shopping mall and the status said they were in for shopping for marriage. Guess what happened? You guessed right. Upon their return they found out that they had uninvited guests in their absence and there was no stuff left for marriage. If you want to share your future trip plans, go ahead but don’t share them publicly. Share with family and close friends only.


You still have to let someone know about your absence from home. So that someone can collect the mail, new papers and flyers etc. So that your house is not signaling to others as an abandoned house.


These are some of the travel mistakes everyone makes. Do you have any to share with us. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts. Leave a comment. I will be writing about mistakes we often commit after a trip is completed. So, stay tuned.



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