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Smart ways to enjoy 2019 Calgary Stampede

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, let’s find a few ways to save on and enjoy 2019 Calgary Stampede.

Photo Booth at the entrance of Calgary Stampede
Ways to take photos in Calgary Stampede Grounds

Grand Prize winner
Find ways to become a rich person

2nd winner
Find ways to win money

This is the time of the year. And the time of the year is for Calgary Stampede……(Drum Roll).

Stampede is back and back with some new activities and some new foods and above all some new attractions. 
New to Calgary? No problem.
Don’t live in Calgary? No problem.
Never been to Calgary Stampede? No problem.

Fun ways to enjoy Calgary Stampede this and coming years

We’ve got you covered. We will show you how it was last year? What will be this year? And ways to enjoy this year? We will hopefully have coverage this year also. 

Fun ways to enjoy Calgary Stampede

Last year we had a lot of coverage on Facebook only and through Facebook live also. So stay with us for more. 

In addition to videos here, below you’ll find links to some old posts about Calgary Stampede. So first let’s talk about last year.

Our Calgary Stampede posts from previous years

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History of Calgary Stampede

Post 5th from 2016

In the numbers, last year we saw an increase in attendance by…… Zipline was a mega success. And our favorite (actually another evergreen favorite) was the stampede lottery. If you haven’t bought yours, here’s a link for you to buy Stampede Lottery Tickets. Here is a photo of the lottery prizes from last year. 

Lottery Prize
Find ways to become a lottery winner

At the same time, if you are interested to know about Calgary Stampede, read the 2018 Calgary Stampede Annual Report 2018 here.
Last year was one of the best years for us as we met about 12 family friends during Stampede in Stampede Grounds. Usually, we cover 4 to 5 days and only meet a few family friends. So in terms of the number of family friends, we think last year was the best.

Below is the information about days and smart ways for you to save on cost and unlimited fun during 2019 Calgary Stampede.

Ways to save at 2019 Calgary Stampede

Sneak a Peak – Thursday July 4th is the Sneak a Peak day. Admission is $9 and free for kids 6 and under from 5 PM to midnight.

Parade Day – is Friday 5th July. You can enjoy the parade and then free admission between 11 AM to 1.30 PM. Head the to grounds right after the parade.

Cenovus Family Day – will get you free admission between 7.30 AM to 11 AM and a free pancake breakfast for families coming to visit. For free breakfast just make sure to visit Grandstand Tarmac. This will be on Sunday 7th July 2019.

McDonald’s Community Day – is on Tuesday 9th July. General admission is only $2 between 10 AM – 2 PM. And guests 65+ will be allowed free entry the whole day.

BMO Kids Day – is on Wednesday 10th July 2019. Kids 12 & under can enter for free between 7 AM – 9 AM, as well as accompanying adults. Grandstand Courtyard from 8 AM – 10 AM is where Calgary Stampede will be very happy to host you for a free pancake breakfast. After 9 AM general admission is only $2 for kids 12 & under.

While you are there, make sure to enjoy the fireworks and the food which is another forever hit in Calgary Stampede. While you plan to visit, in addition to other videos & photos, here’s a video of fireworks for you.

A fun motor bike show during 2018 Calgary Stampede

Here is another Motor Bike Show video for you.

Motor Bike Show from 2018 Calgary Stampede

In Conclusion

We have been to Calgary Stampede for almost the last 6 years. We still however, love to visit every year. Why? Because we never feel that we are back to the same offering. In addition to our usual fun, we find Calgary stampede to be an excellent show and therefore, agree with the slogan of “The Greatest Outdoor Show On the Earth”. Even more, is offered every year in addition to some usual stuff.

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