Be protected from international travel scams.

Would you like to be protected from international travel scams?

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Would you like to be protected from International Travel Scams:   While traveling abroad it is not uncommon to get caught in a scammer’s game. Even if you consider yourself a seasoned traveler. However if you know what’s happening where, then you can prepare yourself and be on guard. Let …

Is it tough to be a veggie traveler?

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Is it tough to be a veggie traveler?   Let’s find out. Do you know how?   We are vegetarian and we understand what kind of challenges a vegetarian traveler can face or faces? When I worked for KLM-Northwest Airlines in 1996, it was difficult traveling being a vegetarian. I still …

Please don’t make these travel mistakes. Ever.

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Travel Mistakes   Excitement is natural when someone plans a vacation. With a confirmed trip, we get excited and tend to make mistakes that we should not.  These mistakes happen before, during and after a trip. I have written about different mistakes in the past. Today I would like to …

Do you make these common travel mistakes? Part 2

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Hello I am back with next part of most common mistakes travelers make.   Airlines choice – This is a tricky one. Let me use myself as an example. After I moved to Canada, I thought I will try different airlines every time I visit home back in India. So I …

New website is ready.

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Check it out. Our new website is ready. Let us know if there is something specific about travels you would like to see?     [contact-form-7 id=”117″ title=”Contact Me”]