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How to ensure safety while hiking in the mountains

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Safety in the mountains   Wouldn’t you agree, whatever we do, we try to ensure our safety? At least I do. Whether I am driving, whether I am eating or almost doing anything, safety is a top priority. Since the summer has begun, it has also started the hiking season …

Gibsons, British Columbia

how to celebrate 150th Canada Day (British Columbia)

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How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (British Columbia)   This is British Columbia series next installment, in recognition of 150th Canada Day. Here we present to you our 4th of 6 posts. Let’s see what British Columbia has to offer?   First of all, this is our 20th of 150 …

Stunning views of Kimberley, BC

How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (Kimberley)

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  How to celebrate 150th Canada Day (in Kimberley, BC)   First of all, this is our 16th or 150 posts about 150th Canada Day celebrations. This time, in Kimberley, BC. I can’t put the beauty of Kimberley in words.         Especially relevant, you need to know, …

Do you know how to go to USA without VISA? I can help.

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Let me show you how you can go to USA without a VISA? Is it really possible to go to the USA without a VISA? Seems like, yes, it is. Do you know how I know? I know because I visited Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada. Waterton National Park is …