Terror attacks at Istanbul Ataturk Airport

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Terror Attacks: Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST)


Unfortunately, I have to report 3 terror attacks took place at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport around 2054 local time on Tuesday 28 June. At the time of this post death toll is 36 and 147 wounded. Earlier reports said there were about 28 dead and local authorities said there are more than 50 deaths. These explosions happened in the arrival halls of the airport because departure hall has more security compared to arrivals. Therefore they decided to target the arrivals hall. 1 attacker is said to have carried an AK-47 and news channels are saying this looks like an ISIS operation style. So far no group has claimed responsibility. CNN is reporting it is either ISIS operation or ISIS inspired operation.


Videos on CNN are showing a cop noticed the attacker and tried to save this from happening. Early reports are saying there were 3 attackers and 1 attack happened in the parking spot.


We feel bad about the victim’s families and our prayers go to the victims.



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