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This is the best, right size blender & smoothie maker

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For a Smoothie maker and blender, your search ends here.



Why do we say that the search for a smoothie maker + blender ends here? It is only because our search was over. After looking at over 100 different varieties of blenders (both cheap and expensive) we decided to go with the Oster Blender. To know more read below in addition to checking out photos of this smoothie maker.



Why we picked this smoothie maker cum blender?



Our mixer blew up a couple of weeks ago. So we started searching for a product that can do the job and last a long time. We started searching through online forums, local flyers and company websites. But were not really impressed.


Then we decided to compare products on product forums etc. But still no success. Our biggest concern was the quality and price. We were not in the mood to spend 100’s of $$$$.


After our comprehensive search, we shortlisted a couple of options. Read below, what’s next?




Pro’s of Oster Smoothie Maker and Blender



First of all, the price is right. You can’t go wrong with $39.98 Canadian. We agree, there are shipping charges, but you should try Prime from Amazon. See the link at the end of this page.


This is the first time we bought a blender with glass jar and we love it. It is little heavy, however, it works to crush ice like we are mixing the dough. The other benefit is Glass jar is more sturdy and you can keep using it. Also, a glass jar is better for food safety. Glass is useful for hot and cold foods.


Glass jar enhances the taste. It is easy for preparation, serving and cleaning. And it is a better option for the environment.


12 Speed is very helpful when you can use the blender to do many different things.


The base of this Smoothie maker is made of metal, which works better than a plastic base and jar. There is no possibility of a spill of any kind from the jar.


You can easily store this jug in a drawer or cupboard.


700 peak watts, 6 cup glass jar, 3-year satisfaction guarantee and 10 years all metal drive system limited warranty are a few Pros.


Crush Pro blade, power booster are some other features for you.



Some con’s of this Blender and Smoothie maker



Our biggest beef is that the blender is noisy, however, it gets the job done.

There is no other disadvantage we can think of in 1st week of owning it. Please note, we have already used this blender 3 times with Ice, green vegetables, and frozen foods jobs.



Our verdict



If you are looking for a blender cum smoothie maker, your search is over here. This is an excellent quality product which can be part of your kitchen gadgets immediately. And with a $39.98 price tag, you can’t go wrong with it.




If you are wondering about the smoothie recipe, here you go:


10 Strawberries (we used fresh, you can use frozen too)

2 Banana’s

1 Tray of Ice

1 small bowl of Vanilla Yoghurt

Mint – for taste and smell (you can decide how much)

2 Spoons of sugar


If you watched the video, you know what to do?













In conclusion



Below is the link to Amazon, where you can buy this blender (we also bought it from there) and enjoy the smoothie maker, the way we are enjoying.



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  1. Oster is a very familiar brand and it lasts for years and years. It’s nice that you picked one of their products. I assure you, you’re going to love making smoothies with this blender.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful blender to use. I do like the price of it too.

  3. It sounds like a great blender and smoothie maker in the same time. I own a Nutrybullet which I love. However, it is indeed very expensive and if you were looking for something cheaper but still good, I think you’ve made a good choice.

  4. I love having a good blender in my kitchen. It is a staple to our everyday lives. Oster is a great brand. We will have to check this one out.

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