The most important 10 travel tips for you courtesy of TravelFolio.

The most important 10 travel tips for you courtesy of TravelFolio.

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The most important 10 travel tips for you courtesy of TravelFolio.


After traveling for a while I present to you most important 10 travel tips for you. Hopefully by now, you know how big I am on learning from my travel mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes. Some repeat them some don’t. Are you able to put a number on these mistakes that consequently generate travel tips? Seems like it is not possible to put a number. Therefore mistakes are mistakes and there are more than a few of them. Let’s see how many of these tips can you use?



when you are shopping make sure you negotiate prices



We went to Punta Cana and visited a local shopping mall. While we had a lot of fun we decided to buy a local made things. We noticed that local people were negotiating. So we decided to negotiate. Imagine what happened? The asking price from $50 wend down to $8 for couple of things. We saved $84 and spent them for some other exciting  excursion.



Make a list


Make sure to make a list of stuff you are going to take with you. Do you remember my post about Jasper visit? Read it here. We forgot to carry a towel, although it was on our list. Result? We couldn’t enjoy some of the lakes on our way to Jasper. We ended up using paper towel. A lot of paper towel. What does not making a list means? It is a guarantee that you will forget to carry something and the regret later.


Allowing mistakes to jeopardize  the trip


Who doesn’t make mistakes? Do you move on or not? What happens if you made a mistake while you are on a trip. Don’t fight or argue about it. Let me share a mistake that you can laugh about. A friend of mine got married and went on to honeymoon. 2 days later early morning someone knocked on the their door. He opened the door and shouted out of ____________. Surprisingly his parents were knocking on the door. Why? His wife was talking to them and very excitedly told them how beautiful the place was, how awesome the hotel was and such. She wished for them to be there. As a result the family decided to surprise them by visiting them. What happened? Their honeymoon turned into a family vacation after 2 days. This travel mistake is not common so let’s not talk about it anymore.


Allowing spammers to kill the fun of your trip


I’ve written about travel spam. Read it here and here.  These 2 articles will give you a lot of information about travel spam that is happening at different corners of the world.  A lot of mistakes are never reported. So do some research before your trip.



Not keeping your valuables safe


No matter where you go, make sure that the safety of your valuables that include your passport and currency besides other things is top on the list. How you do that? I leave that up to you. It is very important to you and everyone.



Over and under


Packing – over and under whichever side it is, not good. Wouldn’t you agree? Ask this question to yourself. What if you over packed? Who will carry the extra burden? What if you under packed? Who will miss the fun?


Planning – over and under are both bad. You can only do so many things during a day. If you plan more than what you can do in a day what can happen? Your tiredness will transfer to the next day and so on. Are you there on vacation or to get tired and get sick? Decision is yours. Don’t over plan and over do and enjoy or do the opposite and get the opposite results. Choice like decision is yours.


Not visiting and enjoying local culture


You travel to your destination and stay in the resort and don’t go out to see the local culture? Why? I think different people will answer it differently. I know some people like to go to Mexico, Dominican and other countries and stay in the hotel/resort. They go their for relaxation purpose and just relax in the resort. And then miss on the fun of the trip.


Travel off-season


If you are like me then you would love this important travel trip in addition to others. When I moved to Canada, on Canada day I was driving from Vancouver to Abbotsford. It took me 3 hours compared to like 40 minutes on a regular day during peak times. I made a big decision on that day. The decision was don’t travel on weekends and long weekends because traffic will overcome your joy. Since then if we go on vacation, we try going during the week and off-season. What we get? We get short lines, less traffic, sometimes empty rides and attractions. If we need to repeat something  like a ride then it is not whole day of waiting in the line. If it is family travel then kids can enjoy and parents won’t have to do a lot of run around.


Tour book or local guide


When we travel even local, we carry either a travel book or local guide with us. The benefit, in addition to carrying extra weight? We get local information that we may otherwise not have on our own. There is a catch. Make sure to carry the current version of the book at all times. Don’t let a $20 expense ruin your $4000 vacation.



Be Flexible


Patience is very important. Sometimes a lot changes from the planning stage to execution stage. The more flexible you are the better it is.


More of these important travel tips in future. Until then stay tuned.  Don’t forget to leave a comment.




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