Calgary tower can offer you the best ultimate fun



First of all, this is our 14th of 150 posts about 150th Canada Day. Since we mentioned in an earlier post, we will bring you information on Canadian Landmarks too.



This time we would like to share a landmark from our own home city Calgary. This Landmark is  Calgary’s Tower. This is a 191 meter (627 feet) freestanding observation deck in downtown Calgary. We visited Calgary Tower last week. We wanted to time it in a way that we could take photos during sunlight, during sunset, and after dark so that we can take photos in moonlight too.


But our plans got altered due to traffic. However, we still made it before sunset, so enjoyed our visit. If you are planning to visit Calgary, keep Calgary Tower on your list to visit. We were truly amazed how much can we enjoy there. There are a couple of restaurant’s there, but we didn’t visit them.



Let us start with some especially relevant facts about Calgary Tower.




This train line is still next to Calgary Tower.
Construction photos from 1960’s



This is how Calgary Tower looked while in construction.
Old photo of Calgary Tower during its construction.



– Originally it was called Husky Tower.

– Because it was conceived as a joint venture between Marathon Realty Company Limited and Husky Oil as a part of an urban renewal plan and to celebrate Canada’s centennial of 1967.

– The total cost was $3.5 Million and weighs about 10,900 tons. 60% of weight is below ground.

– In June 1938, it opened as the tallest structure in Calgary.

– Since opening, Calgary Tower was the tallest outside of Toronto.

– The building was a founding member of the World Federation of Great Towers.




Calgary Tower's construction is almost complete.
Construction is almost done.

Construction is about to complete
Calgary Tower near completion



Here is some history



– When Marathon Realty and Husky Oil built their new head offices in Calgary, they proposed building the tower both to honor Canada’s centennial year of 1967.

-In addition to centennial, they wanted to encourage urban renewal and growth of the downtown core.

– The structure’s design is to withstand earthquakes and winds of up to 161 KM (100 MPH).

– It took 15 months to construct the building.

– Upon completion, Husky Tower was the tallest structure of its type in North America.

– Developers deliberately misled the public. They claimed the tower would stand 187M (614 ft) in the hopes of preventing competing developers from surpassing the Husky Tower’s height record.

– After Husky Tower’s construction, developers in San Antonio, Texas announced the completion of a 190M (620 FT) tallest tower record for Tower of the Americas. That time the developers revealed the Husky Tower’s true height.

– Just so you know, I wasn’t even born at that time.

– The Husky Tower’s official opening was on 28 – 30 June 1968, in 3 separate ceremonies.

– The cost was $1 for adults and 50 Cents for children under 13.




Calgary Tower's waiting area.
This is the waiting area of Calgary Tower


This is waiting area of Calgary Tower
This area is generally very busy.



Calgary Tower will educate you about other similar Towers too.
You can learn about other similar towers.






You can see Calgary and beyond from the Tower
View of West side of Calgary from the Tower












Can you see the plane taking off from Calgary International Airport?
Calgary International Airport view from the Tower




Skating views from Calgary Tower
You can even see people enjoying skating etc.






Calgary Tower can offer you much more than you would expect.
Scotiabank Saddledome, as seen from the Tower








Calgary Stampede grounds.
Do you remember Calgary Stampede?




Calgary Tower from outside.
I took this photo from outside of the Tower.









Full moon view from Calgary Tower
We visited them on full moon light night and enjoyed.




Calgary Tower's very impressive video.
Enjoy this video about Calgary Tower in the lift




The Later History



-Marathon Realty acquired a controlling interest in the tower in 1970.

-On 1st Nov 1971, the structure was formally renamed Calgary Tower as a tribute to the citizens of Calgary

– It is still called Husky Tower by airport officials. The only reason they do that is to distinguish it from the tower at the Calgary International Airport.

– Some other buildings in Calgary Downtown have taken the spot of tallest structures in Calgary. Such as the Petro-Canada center (215 M), twin towers of Bankers Hall, The Bow (236 M)

– EnCana Corporation, the owner of The Bow, wanted to buy the Calgary Tower before The Bow’s construction began.

– In 1987 & 1990 there were significant renovations performed on the tower.

– In 1987 $2.4 million refurbishments took place. During this time the tower added a revolving restaurant and a souvenir shop. The revolving restaurant can complete a 360-degree turn in 45 minutes.

– They constructed a natural gas-fired cauldron at top of the tower in 1987 as a gift to celebrate the 1988 Winter Olympics.

-The torch was first lit on Feb 13, 1988, when the games opened. The torch is re-ignited for various special events, including Canada Day.

– A led multi-color exterior lighting system was added and was firs tested on Aug 1, 2014. 12 lights were added to the crown and 24 on the exterior floor. Can you imagine each light is programmed to be able to create over 16.5 million combinations of color and lighting effects.



Finally, in Conclusion


Did you know Calgary Tower is 50 years old and looking for photos from 60’s until now? If you live in Calgary or visiting Calgary, make sure to take some time to visit Calgary Tower. Your visit to Calgary is incomplete without a visit to Calgary Tower.