Is it tough to be a veggie traveler?

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Is it tough to be a veggie traveler?


Let’s find out. Do you know how?


We are vegetarian and we understand what kind of challenges a vegetarian traveler can face or faces? When I worked for KLM-Northwest Airlines in 1996, it was difficult traveling being a vegetarian. I still remember I went to Amsterdam for a 3 week training and the hotel stay was awesome. However the problem was food. Either no vegetarian options were available or they were hard to find or they were expensive. Can you guess what I did for 3 weeks?


I survived on fries and fruits and smoothies and juices and bread and buns for 3 weeks. Was it bad? Absolutely, because my family didn’t recognize me when I reached back home. Can you picture that after I came out of the airport, I approached my brother who was on his phone and thought someone was passing by. Sounds funny? Yes it is. Because I had lost a lot of weight.


Another veggie experience:


And then my next trip was to USA. I went to McDonald and asked for a cheese burger. In India cheese burger is the vegetable burger. The server brought me cheese burger filled with meat. So I said this isn’t what I want. Can you get me cheese burger? Same thing happened again. And someone interrupted to see what I wanted? And when I explained what I mean by cheese burger, everyone there had a laugh. Anyhow, instead of loosing business they offered me a cheese burger without meat and I gladly accepted it. Guess what I ate? A bun, some ketchup, some lettuce, some onions and a piece of tomato. Very fulfilling I must say.


However today, veggie options are available and are available a lot. So much have changed.  My question remains unanswered. Is it really tough as a veggie traveler. In today’s time I can say with full confidence, it is not tough at all. At times depending upon where you are, it could be difficult but not impossible. I am going to add a category and a tag as veggie traveler. For ideas and recommendation and suggestions subscribe or check out exciting information under the categories. Make sure to leave a comment.




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