Cowboy & Cowgirl getting ready to visit Calgary Stampede

Why it’s super important to visit 2017 Calgary Stampede

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If you remember, this is Canada’s 150th Birthday year. So anything and everything that happens in Canada this year will offer 150 times more fun. And this goes for 2017 Calgary Stampede too. That’s why we are going to share with you “why it is super important for you to visit 2017 Calgary Stampede? Keep reading to find out more.


A must visit 2017 Calgary Stampede


Do you remember our 2016 Calgary Stampede coverage? If not, read below.




You can enjoy some videos of 2016 Calgary Stampede opening ceremony here, here, here and here too.

That was last year. Let’s talk about this year. 2017 is the year of a few things that are happening for the first time.


  1. Until June 12th, you can buy 10 days Stampede Super Pass for $39. If you have any questions about the SuperPass, read the FAQ.
  2. For the 1st time ever, you are able to enjoy Alberta Craft Beer. Thanks to Calgary Stampede and Alberta Small Brewers Association the Big Four Station will be the place to be if you want to enjoy small brewers of Alberta’s hard work. It is a diverse offering so if you are of legal age, enjoy it.


This year the Stampede runs from July 7 – 16. The parade is on 7th morning. After the parade is over, you can enjoy unlimited fun until 16th July. Before we do that, let us show you a couple of photos from 2008 & 2009 Calgary Stampede.



A visit to Calgary Stampede in 2008

Calgary Stampede in 2008



2008 visit to Calgary Stampede

Boys enjoying Forces booth in Calgary Stampede in 2008



A visit to 2009 Calgary Stampede

2009 Calgary Stampede



Another visit to Calgary Stampede in 2009

2009 Calgary Stampede fun



You’ve seen the videos above and read the old articles to see how Calgary Stampede was in 2016. Did you know about a few traditions of Calgary Stampede?

Calgary Stampede traditions


We Calgarians are huge on Calgary Stampede. It’s known as “The greatest outdoor show on earth”. I know why? Those of you who have visited Calgary Stampede know why? If you are planning to visit, you should know why?


I think you know we are from India. Game of Cricket is not a game, it is a religion in India. If you are an Indian and you don’t love Cricket, you are not considered a patriotic Indian. Same way Calgary Stampede, in my honest opinion is a religion for us Calgarians. Since moving to Calgary in 2006, we make sure to visit Calgary Stampede, year over year. And, trust us, we always find new things to do, new games, new food and new something every year. It is always fun to visit Calgary Stampede. I think other Calgarians feel the same way.


So, one of the big traditions is free Pancake Breakfast throughout the city. Pancake Breakfast starts from early June until the end of Stampede every year. Businesses take pride in offering Pancake Breakfast. They enjoy being part of the tradition. Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, such as banks, they will have pancake breakfast. At my work, we have our employee only pancake breakfast. And, then we will have a pancake breakfast for the strip mall where my work is. All the businesses get together and invite the community, the customers, and families to enjoy the breakfast.

Enjoy the photo


A visit for free Pancake Breakfast

Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast



Another tradition is to dress up like cowboy and cowgirls.



Cowboy & Cowgirl getting ready to visit Calgary Stampede

Cowboy and Cowgirl




A visit to Calgary Stampede is a must

Cowboys in action at Calgary Stampede


The other tradition is to visit Calgary Stampede. There is opening day, family day, and kids day etc.


So here comes our original question. Why is it super important to visit Calgary Stampede this year?


We have already given you 2 reasons with the 2 new additions of this year.


Midway (and Stampede in general) will have new foods this year. Check them out here.

There will be new Western Events. Check them out here.

Do you love music? If you do, you must visit Calgary Stampede this year. Expect bigger and better music this year.

Interested in shows? If yes, then you must visit Calgary Stampede this year.

Most noteworthy, we will be there. If you saw us, say hi.


In conclusion


You must visit Calgary Stampede once. The definition of outdoor fun will change. It is a century-old outdoor show. We have enjoyed our visit for last 10 years and sure you would too. If there is anything we can share with you, please leave us a comment and we will try to make your visit a memorable one.



Happy Stampeding





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