Do you know how to go to USA without VISA? I can help.

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Let me show you how you can go to USA without a VISA?

Is it really possible to go to the USA without a VISA? Seems like, yes, it is. Do you know how I know? I know because I visited Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada. Waterton National Park is at the border of Montana, USA, and Alberta, Canada. This is where the team of visited yesterday on Canada Day.

So we started early in the morning and took a long drive from Calgary to Waterton National Park for little over 233 KM. Our route consisted of High River, Nanton, Pincher Creek and then to Waterton National Park.


Visit to Waterton National Park, AB

Going towards the USA without our passports and VISA

Beautiful Landscapes


Mountains near USA & Canada borderIMG_2356



Do you know how to go to USA without VISA? I can help.

Do you know how to go to the USA without VISA? I can help.

Waterton's water



Do you know how to go to USA without VISA? I can help.

Do you know how to visit USA without VISA? I an help.








Some activities in & around Waterton Lakes National Park:







Do you know how to go to USA without VISA? I can help.

You can do this in Waterton








Greenerywild life in WNP




both of us

In the river

TravelFolio family



both of us three

Both of us three



TravelFolio editors







TravelFolio contributorsThe 3 Amigos




Amazing viewsIt was windy


breathtaking viewsThe 3 amigos again



Neelu and AV Juniorthe 3 amigos are tired



Since we were late we could not take the cruise that goes to the USA and, you don’t need the USA tourist visa. This is a 2-hour boat tour offered by a cruise tour company.  This is the only tour on this globe which takes you to the USA without any documentation. Since the tour runs 4 departures a day on Canada Day (10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM and 7 PM), we were late for the 1st 2 departures and the 7 PM was too late for us because we wanted to reach back Calgary by 11. So what we did? We used Pat’s cycle shop and rented a moped (for AV Sr) and Surrey Bike for 3 of us.
 of Wales in background



view near POWview from POW



Go to USA without a VISA.

Evening moments

cool boats



Bye bye WNP time to go homeLet's go homeBye ByeAdios. Until next timeBye Bye



So the top things you can do (in addition to what we did) at Waterton Lakes National Park are listed below.




A few important activities:


  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Cameron Lake
  • Waterton Cruise
  • Crypt Lake Trail
  • Upper Waterton Lake
  • Cameron Falls
  • Bertha Falls
  • Blakiston Falls
  • International Peace Park Hike


Learn from my mistake and stay overnight if you really want to enjoy the Waterton Lakes, National Park. We didn’t stay overnight and feel like we should have because we would have covered all the things to do in Waterton Lakes National Park. If you wish, you can add Glacier National Park in your road list because then you can cover best of both sides of the border. Until next time…….




Tree in the river

Lake Waterton, from where you can see the USA on the other side.




End of visit USA without VISA.










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