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Who is this and why they want to work with us? is an established travel blog based out of Calgary Alberta. The uniqueness of this blog lies with the different perspectives of the contributors. Adults, young adult, and a teen are the major contributors that can give a different view on a single subject. Whether about a destination, or a particular airline or a hotel and what not? How cool is that? We provide knowledge and first-hand experiences about family travels. Whether you are traveling with 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or a 19-year-old, we have experienced that ourselves. Who can give you better advice than us? Chances are only us.


This TravelFolio family is vegetarian by birth, by choice, and by religion. Therefore vegetarian travel related information is a unique feature, presented only by us. So, when you think about vegetarian travel, think about


We love where we live and we have so many outdoor and indoor opportunities, it is unbelievable. Therefore, let us know if we can give you any information about where we live?


Besides the above 3 topics, we are big on other topics related to travels. We love traveling, we love writing about our travel experiences. Very soon we will bring you “India diaries”.







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TravelFolio team with 4 different expectations, opinions and views.







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Working with us have many benefits. Technically 4 of us has 4 different views, opinions, expectations, requirements and thinking. Therefore you can work with any one of us or all 4 of us, you will get excellent results. For our earlier work, check out a couple of our reviews here and bottom of this page here.



We are actively seeking brands, destinations, tourism companies, hotel chains and restaurants to partner with. If interested in reaching out to vegetarians, family travelers and/or general readers, you have reached your best destination. Look no further if you want to achieve 4 times results.  Although our focus is family and vegetarian travel, we are extremely interested (as a family of 4 or a couple or individually) in also exploring brand ambassadorship or campaigns related to travels.


Advertising and reviews



Our is “THE” site for  travel related matters. We are subject matter experts on travel and travel with family financially. Therefore, we urge you use our strategies to make your every penny work for you. We provide informative posts, how-to articles, travel guides and personal stories to showcase why you should travel?


In addition to other business opportunities, we are available to review accommodations,  restaurants, and experiences. We support an open and honest relationship with our clients. We love to provide an open and honest and unique reviews.






In the case of a negative review possibility, we will inform you in advance to publishing the post. This way you will have an opportunity to rebuttal the review.



Photography and freelance writing



We are also available for freelance writing and also photography. Feel free to contact us for any kind of business and partnership opportunities @ [email protected].


FYI – Our readership is from USA and Canada primarily besides other parts of the world including but not limited to India, AUS, NZ, China and other countries of the globe.



Local Calgary businesses



If you are a business located in Calgary, we can highlight you here for a nominal price. Get in touch with us to find out how? Please see some stats about Calgary Tourism below.



Spending by Visitors to Calgary in 2011



All of  Canada $1,148,423,361.00

Total USA $75,879,298.00

All of Europe $114,580,079.00

By Asia/Pacific $84,985,358.00

Total Other International $24,374,183.00






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Calgary Stampede

Calgary Tower






For any specific question please contact Vishal @ [email protected].